Band: The Machine
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Album: In Binary (EP)
Genre: Rock, Metal, Industrial


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My buddy loaned me a CD of these unheard dudes from
Dayton. Man I am glad he did.These boys capture that brutal
Midwest metal sound that captures similarities to Killswitch
Engage and Every Time I Die (before they sucked).

The short 5-song EP contains plenty of well hard hitting
tracks. "Deux Ex Machina" pays tribute to the cyberpunk
atmosphere. The lyrical themes of the song drop your mind
onto a Cypernet warzone. This is the kind of music that John
Connor would have ‘terminated’ out too.

Many of the tracks are full of hard hitting industrial drums and
two guitarists tearing apart at each other. After one listen to
the entire EP, you can tell that this is one of Ohio’s finest
metal bands.

Take the song like, "Salvation Of The Machines." It certainly
maintains that post-hardcore genre. But, instead of mindless
breakdowns they contain much more lead and backing vocal
melodies.They lightly use synthesizers to the point where it
isn't grinding your brain to garbage.

I am unsure if they are still a band or not. The band's
MySpace page seemed likes it hasn’t been updated and I tried
messaging them but got no response back. It also took a very
extensive Google search to find the page in the first place. It’s
a real shame if they are defunct. Hopefully readers can shine
some light on the whereabouts of these menaces.