Band:  Sleepers Awake
Location:  Columbus, Ohio
Album: Priests Of The Fire
Genre: Rock
Track Picks: "The Summoning," "Gulag," "Machines"

Sleepers Awake's debut has ventured into a territory that some
bands fear: avoidance of writing a song just for the sake of
being a single. It's clear this band that formed in 2005 has a
passion for artistic storytelling music; something that's often lost
in chorus-heavy 3 minute 20 second songs. The closest song
to a single could be the catchy track "Won't Let Go." And that's
a good thing. At moments a guitar-driven jam band vibe seems
dominate, but that's quickly diverted into sophisticated
tempo-changing progressive rock with flowing transitions and
varied tuning, reflective of Dream Theater and Opeth's style.
At times Chris Thompson's vocals are reminiscent of Matthew
Bellamy (Muse) with vibrato minus high octaves, most notable in
"Gulag." Fans of Rush will likely appreciate "The Ancient" while
those who like Tool and the bass dominance of Chevelle will
appreciate the powerful song "The Colossus That Bestrode
The World" as well as the emotional self-titled "Priests of the
Fire." The closing track on this Joe Viers-produced album,
"Machines," opens with a Pink Floyd riff variation, but makes a
name for itself with a stunning metal guitar solo that aligns with
Chris Burnsides' drumming.
Priests of the Fire is a powerful
electrifying album that will surely be difficult to imitate or top,
truly setting itself apart from other area albums. Although easily
engaging, it requires multiple listens to put a finger on the
complex songwriting and structure.The band has recently been
playing shows, working on new songs and have been in the
studio for pre-production work on a new album.
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