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Skekzi’s debut EP Sick hits hard with cohesive industrial synths that unite with a
ferocious range of pitiless metal vocals, doses of guitar solos and just enough
breakdowns to throw down in the pit. All the right elements meet to produce this
one-of-a-kind Columbus, Ohio rock band. Firm production work by the band’s
lead guitarist and synth man Chad Grooms makes for a crisp result.

Self-titled opening track “Sick” features Columbus' vocalist/guitarist David
Adams (One Pretty Minute) and is introduced with a short guitar solo that
transitions into a quick pulsating synth riff that dances like Powerman 5000 or
Rob Zombie, but Skekzi makes it their own.

Each track thereafter maintains the dark upbeat throttle of “Sick” with Stabbing
Westward and Gravity Kills vibes and lashings like Crossbreed. The effects
throughout create an industrial label with catchy, memorable chants; yet, “Mouth
To Mouth” showcases the band’s diversity with an early thrash influence.

Skekzi celebrates the release of their dynamic 5-song EP tonight at O’Shecky’s
in Columbus with Autumn Burning, One Pretty Minute and Enemy By Mourning.
The show is free and starts at 9 p.m.

Album Review
Skekzi: Sick
Out Of The Blue
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Skekzi is:
Jeremy Payton (vocals)
Andrew Nicholson (bass)
David Hobbs (guitar)
Chad Grooms (lead guitar, synths)
Justin Casagrande (drums)