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Band:  Katie and The Baby
Location:  Delaware, Ohio
Album:  Record (EP)
Genre: Indie / Post-Punk / Rock

Lowdown:  Simple, not so precise, not fully developed.
It seems as though this young band is attempting
something new, but still unsure of where they want to
fully take it. However, a respectable attempt to create a
full band sound.  A lot of talented ideas scattered in this
experimental four song EP debut--the songs seem to be
underdeveloped with vocals that try too hard to be
purposely droned and weak.  I was pleased to come
across the final two all-instrumental tracks, as they
resemble a much less complex version of ambient,
instrumentally focused bands. The repetitive guitar riff
and organ keys in these two tracks are addicting, but
with more time the potential is there to see the catchy
tunes develop into something with solid identifying
attributes.  Hopefully something stronger comes out of
this high potential project, something without vocals.

Written By N. Shumate, Out Of The Blue
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