Band:  Garet Camella
Location:  Gahanna, Ohio
Album:  Fate From a Fortune Cookie (EP)
Genre: Acoustic/Pop/Folk
Track Picks: "I Would Like to Stay," "Waiting for the Splash"

If 18-year-old Garet Camella's debut EP was a fortune
cookie,  it would be one of those rare ones containing two
messages instead of one.  One message might read:  "Be
positive with your choices--time and patience will heal your
soul." The other might read: "Slowly drive away from the past
to retire present confusion, without regret." The advising
lyrics are full of uplifting metaphors and imagery. To reflect
the generally feel-good lyrics, Camella primarily plays higher
notes on his guitar with matching vocals.  Each of the five
songs is dominated by an original acoustic riff (using both
strumming and picking techniques) with harmonious chorus
builds and self-backing vocal layers on loops--including a
beatbox break down.  Some tracks bring a variety of
instruments (drums, keys, bass, maracas) that materialize into
a full-band sound. Mostly refraining from the darker acoustic
lullabies of Bon Iver or Damien Rice, this album's syncopated,
stop-time, occasional guitar slaps and groovy salsa/funk/folk
Latin-infused vibe leans toward Jason Mraz, but moves closer
to Eric Hutchinson, John Mayer, Jack Johnson and local Jared
Mahone. A person feeling down can pop this in, likely relate
and transition into a better mood. Even the colorful album
artwork, designed by Megan Kelley, foreshadows the lively
personality of the young musician's original tunes. Fans
continue to watch the songwriter's range of talent progress as
he performs live and posts video song recordings on his

. This release could likely be the initiation of
Camella's fate that he once found in a fortune cookie:
"You will travel far and wide for both pleasure and business."
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