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Band:  Flowers In Flames
Location:  Cleveland/Akron, Ohio
Album:  Flowers In Flames (LP)
Genre: Post-Punk / Gothic / Psychedelic
Track Picks: "Third Wave," "All the Glitter,"
"Cursed With A Flame," "Stare At The Stars"

Lowdown:  Something that isn't commonplace.
Experimentally distorted guitar lines, hollow backing
vocal chants and groovy The Smiths' attitude bring this
four member band's debut album to the forefront. They
take vintage and time warp it into their own personal
modernized touch. It's sometimes The Adam's
Family/Elvira gothic raunch and sometimes Hedwing
and the Angry Inch punk rock musical glam.  Or, what's
been termed by Deadsy's frontman as "undercore;" a
delightfully fresh version of the past works of Gary
Numan, Lou Reed and Peter Murphy.  The shared
vocals and lyrics of Cindy Dimitroff and Dave Chavez
make the band stand out. Chavez conjours up David
Bowie's familiar gloommy British accent, while Dimitroff
reinvents Siouxsie Sioux's harrowing doom tones. A
band prepared to take listeners on a newfangled ride.

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Written By N. Shumate, Out Of The Blue
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