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Band:  Ceterum
Location:  Cleveland, Ohio
Album:  Proportions (EP)
Genre: Progressive / Ambient / Metal
Track Picks: "Insolence Recoil,"
"Imbue Elan Vital," "Ominous"

Warning: The powerful range of Ty Jividen's unrelenting
emotional vocals are likely to grab your skin and send chills
deep enough to penetrate every visible pore.  One of the
best local lead vocalists in the state--both live and in the
studio.  Fans of Tool, A Perfect Circle and early Chevelle will
immediately be attracted to the dark stylistic riffs and ever
changing time signatures produced by this sonicaly explosive
solid unit of musicians. The professionally packaged EP
offers three songs to prematurely saturate the taste buds with
a "kick in the face," but the five-piece band will soon be
entering the studio again to track their debut full-length.
The sample taste with ominous lyrics and a nebulous promo
concept will likely leave many hungry for more.

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Written By N. Shumate, Out Of The Blue
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