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Band:  Anderson Cale
Location:  Columbus, Ohio
Album:  Anderson Cale (LP)
Genre: Ambient / Electronic
Track Picks: "Where The Saints Will Go," "Move In Me,"
"Same Time Tomorrow," "Musing," "Beginnings And Their End"

Jeff Anderson and Jesse Cale have paired to create a blissful
musical state of euphoria; a soothing sensation that paints
mental images of natural, tranquil beauty.  Sounds like a
dream, but if you close your eyes and listen to Anderson Cale’s
47-minute self-titled debut from start to finish, you will likely let
go and adhere to its relaxing message.  The subtle mature
music will challenge listeners to draw their own personal images
and evoke subconscious ideas—having this ability in purely
instrumental music is exciting. Cliché, but within the music I saw
a lost soul looking outside a window, without love, trapped
inside, waiting for a chance to escape inner struggles, and
eventually finding peaceful resolution. Initially I expected a Karl
Hyde / Rick Smith Underworld project or the not-so-collective
disoriented, yet pleasurable Animal Collective, but I was
mistaken. A distant step away from Cale’s upbeat solo projects
and the dance party of Fantasic!. This is an emotional
exploration that carries the weight of And So I Watch You From
Afar, Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky with a much calmer
intent, sometimes close to the transfixing mellower tracks on
Nine Inch Nails’
Ghosts and the provocative band The Album
Leaf.  Applicably enough, lyrics aren’t found or necessary, but
limited tribal background cries are heard and appropriately
placed. This 13-song album offers an ambient instrumental
soundtrack with welcoming builds and layers that travel
transcendentally through love, life, soul, body, mind and spirit.  
A notable mention to the album’s artwork designer:  Ohio
graphic artist Brandon Rike of Dark Collar, who has designed
t-shirts for AFI, Linkin Park, The Fray, Anberlin and others.

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Written By N. Shumate, Out Of The Blue
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