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Alex Sheridan : Heartbeats
Out Of The Blue
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Six years in the making, Ichor Entertainment leader Alex Sheridan has returned to release his highly anticipated
follow up to 2007’s
The Feelgood Movement. The new album entitled Heartbeats includes guest collaborations
by local and national all-star talent sewn together with original beats and layered with an outstanding mirage of
live recorded instruments.

The 53-minute record primarily strays away from traditional dark, deep hip-hop beats and brings with it a fun-
loving approach with southern soul, reggae syncopated pulses, and danceable electronic pop riffs along with
Sheridan’s trademark positive vibes and catchy lyrics with light humor-infused styles all packaged and produced
with precise depth and quality. Each of the 15 songs flow with smooth connectivity and includes welcomed
surprise solos and breakdowns.

“I think we all need a little more hip-hop, can’t go wrong with a little more hip-hop.”

OOTB Rating:

OOTB Track Picks: "Rememberies," "On Top Of The World," "Starry Nights," "Say You Gotta Man"

Featured Artists: Melinda Meginness, Matt Taylor, Vernon Leland Curren, Mark Meginess, Ben Zucker,
Angie & Cole Carpenter, Lance Wilson, Jay Thomas, Matt Horn, Jordan Layne Bourland, Kurt Baumer,
Samantha Howard, Alecea & Kyron Rucks, Rob Birdwell, Kali Creasap, Morgan Schwartz,
Jessica Johnson, Mic Scott, Mike Miheli, Nite Tha Grrness, Tezz Rebel, Josh Beechum,
B. Stille (Nappy Roots), Lacoste Mayes, Kayleigh Schofield, Inchant, Frank Huurman, Ian Keteku,
Chiba, Skee-Lo, Doc Ice, Emily Swaney, Rickie Spanish, Marion Catholic Cheerleaders, Anca, Eclipse,
Elexus Quinn, Greg Candel, Jennie Williams, Aaron Nemo, B. Yonest

Album Release Date: July 30, 2013 via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Xbox Store, Ichor Music

Ichor Music
"Heartbeats" directed by Beni Adissem
"F.I.N.E." directed by Tomasz Pudelko