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Hardcore makes a comeback in the 614 with the boys in Adversary. With the
longest track nearly clocking in at 4 minutes, this band delivers quick and solid
breakdowns. Less Hatebreed-like tough guy chants and more Skeletonwitch
death vocals create a fresh gap within atmosphere of hardcore music. This is
perhaps why one of the tags on their Bandcamp reads "deathcore."

"Bastard" is a heavy track that cleverly syncs the pig squeals to the beats. This
allows the song to be fluid and not hindered by the stereotypical metal trait of
squealing. "Deceivers" is a blend of everything from the hardcore generation.
More speed metal and thrash comes crashing in from the drums followed by
heavy bass riffs. The final track, "Price of Life," treads on the waters of the 80s
style punk-metal. You will not find any overdone movie samples on this EP, just
pure metal.

The only gripe about the EP is the intro and interlude sets. These could have
been saved for the full-length album.  

Adversary offers fans a diverse sound of metal that is original. You can cop their
EP for free at
this link.

Make sure to gander on over to their
Facebook page to see if their are any local
shows coming up.

RATING: 4.5 out of 5
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Adversary: self-titled
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