Band:  Act Of Violence
Location:  Columbus, Ohio
Album:  The Price Of Existence (LP)
Genre: Metal
Track Picks: "Tragedy," "The Anthem,"
"Tears of The Innocent"

Ten tracks of stomping, aggressive metal music complete with
bass-filled vocal groans, growls and shouts.  Smooth guitar
solos and relaxed singing, although limited, create a balance
throughout this mosh pit fueled full-length debut.  Each of the
five members combine their qualities to release a sonic wave of
anger.  Overall, this Paper Tiger Studio recorded/mastered
album will likely appeal to listeners of Goatwhore and Sepultura.
The album cover image itself is reflective of Goatwhore's latest
release. Shawn Adams' vocals draw comparison to the distorted
textures heard by Wayne Static in early Static-X songs, as well
as the in-your-face punk style of Rollins Band. The album
closes with two solid bonus tracks, including a rock version of
Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right"--what's that noise? Aww,
mom you're just jealous, It's the
violence boys. AOV is lining up
show dates for the spring and summer and earlier this year the
band had a backing track ("Tragedy") featured in Henry
Bryant's documentary,
The Hidden Truth.  Now. Let's mosh.
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