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Starset discuss live demonstrations and more
Band Members
Dustin Bates (Lead Vocals, Keyboard)
Ron DeChant (Bass, Backing Vocals)
Brock Richards (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Adam Gilbert (Drums)

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Genre: Cinematic Rock           Formation: 2013

OOTB Interview
Since touring quite awhile with Transmissions, what stands out as some of your monumental experiences so far?
Dustin: Well, the European tour was a really awesome experience. I got to spend some time in Rome and Ron got to
hang out with his sister who lives over there. Things just keep building. Being direct support for Breaking Benjamin is a
huge milestone for us.

Thinking back to when Downplay used The Nightmare Before Christmas themed production, how does the general
theatrical aspect and interest of that performance compare to Starset?
Ron: That was a really fun show, to compare that versus what we do today, it was a first practice of something like this.

Dustin: It was DIY, it was a lot of fun, but looking back it was A LOT of work. That Downplay, Nightmare Before
Christmas show was just a lot of work. Every prop for like two shows, I mean you should do a tour when you put that
much work into a show. (laughs) If I could go back and do that one again, I would have booked more shows. I even
saved the props, because I was like "there’s no way I did all of this for two shows." (laughs) Starset is a bigger and
better and more theatrical thing overall.

You title the music cinematic rock and tie in visual sci-fi aspects to it within the live shows, you manage to allow the
music and show itself to be partners, without one overshadowing the other.
Dustin: If they are very married and intertwined, there’s no one thing over the other. It’s like here’s our record that we
tried our best to make as good as possible as a soundtrack to the narrative and overarching story and we are
representing that, we are augmenting that, we are adding it to the show. We are still playing the songs live to the best
of our ability and we’re just giving people more… a show in addition. It’s not about overshadowing, we are a band that
is also immersive that brings you into our world.

What’s one song off Transmissions that stands out the most to you both?
Dustin: I think “It Has Begun” is very representative of Starset because it’s very cinematic. It could be in a blockbuster,
sci-fi or a Marvel movie and I think “The Future Is Now” is the same way. Those are very much Starset, central to the
sound. I wanted to make a record that people put in and listen to for over an hour and experience that as opposed to
cherry picking a couple singles.

Ron: As far performance goes, it’s “Telescope.” I think the dynamics of it are just awesome. Performing it and the
buildup at the end of it is just a really cool thing to get the crowd’s reaction.

Would you say the debut narrative will continue into the next album or will it start fresh?
Dustin: It’s not going to be continuous because we’ll be promoting a new topic for The Starset Society. It’ll be
something different. They focus on things of a scientific nature that they want to promote. It will be something new and
I don’t have the details, but I imagine it will be related, but not a continuous thing. The next record will be out next year.

How would you compare the onstage characters to offstage reality?
Dustin: It’s sort of maybe natural to become a hyperbolic representation of yourself. We do dress to harken back to the
narrative, “they’re wearing spacesuits, I’m sort of the mad scientist,” we are tying into that, but we are still ourselves as
representatives of the narrative.

The music videos seem to play a significant role in the band's message, what goes into the production?
Dustin: The videos are very important, they’re very tied in with the overall theme. They tell just bits of the narrative.
So far it’s not a linear progression, it’s just snapshots of the overarching narrative. “Halo” in particular tells the story of
Thomas Bell and Halley. Most of the setting is on props in the year around 2040s. We actually did most of it in

What is the biggest goal the band has at this point?
Ron: We just want people to keep listening. What we’re doing now is definitely something that we’ve dreamed of doing
and we want to keep doing that.

Dustin: It’s something that I would have a never expected, but you immediately want to reach into bigger goals; it’s a
very human thing that happens as soon as you reach a new milestone, so that’ll never go away as long as we keep
trying to climb.

Starset opens tonight at The LC Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio with Breaking Benjamin and 10 Years.
Doors open at 7 p.m.
Tickets are $48.10.

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