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Rock On The Range 2013 Artist Interview
In Flames' guitarist Niclas Engelin on new album plans, meeting Anders, beer
OOTB: Has In Flames been writing or recording new material? If so, what approach is being taken and with this being
your first album recording with the band, how are you contributing?
I think we all write all the time when we are out touring or are free in between tours. Due to the fact that we are
collecting pieces here and there all the time when we are traveling so much as we do. Not that everything has to be
into music or even tones, but more like vibes and feelings and I think that we all do that without knowing we do. I think
it's a way for a musician to be creative as well, but the whole process of writing a new album has begun in that sense.

OOTB: When can we expect new material to be released?
I think the first half of 2014 the earliest.

OOTB: When did you meet Anders and how did you connect musically to become a touring member and eventual
permanent member of In Flames?
Wow. That was way back in the day of Septic Broiler, pre-Dark Tranquillity, and I guess we always been friends since
then and we share a lot of the same music taste and really like to just hang out and have a listen to music and it can
be anything from Black Dahlia Murder to Depeche Mode. Me and Anders did the Passenger project together and
always throw music back and forth, so it went quiet easy to connect.

OOTB: What pivotal moment did you decide or consider being part of a touring band is your calling?
Hmm...Think it was way back when I went to my first concert and felt the goose bumps all over and my hair stood
straight up... seeing Dio, Judas Priest and Motörhead was life changing for me.

OOTB: How do you compare headlining In Flames shows versus large festival shows, like Rock On The Range?
I believe that this kind of music is built through positive feelings/vibes in a way and a collaboration between the band
and the audiences. So for me it doesn´t matter if it´s a big festival or a club as long as the vibe is there and we have
the connection with the audience which makes a good concert last for a long time!

OOTB: What has been one of the biggest challenges for you to overcome either musically or as a musician?
To actually know how to write a proper song took me some years to find out, due to the fact that I was practicing my
instrument for so long and was really keen on how it was put together, but as soon as I kind a knew how to put a song
together I started to feel more comfortable as a musician.

OOTB: What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
I try to avoid strong alcohol and prefer beers like Brooklyn Lager or Sierra Neveda, or why not a Bud Light.

OOTB: Anything else you'd like to add for everyone to know about, plans for the rest of this year and next year?
We will continue to tour and do festivals to late August and then start the process of a new album!
Swedish metal band In Flames has influenced and raged since 1990.  
(Photo Courtesy Publicity)
In Flames' guitarist Niclas Engelin.
(Photo Credit: Jared Perkins, OOTB Publications)