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Butcher Babies' vocalist Carla Harvey
Interview, Photos By NEIL SHUMATE  | January 13, 2015
Band Members
Heidi Shepherd (Vocals)
Carla Harvey (Vocals)
Chris Warner (Drums)
Jason Klein (Bass)
Henry Flury (Guitar)

Genre: Metal

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Formation: 2010

Goliath (Century Media EP, 2013)
Butcher Babies (Independent LP, 2012)
Uncovered (Century Media EP, 2014)

"Mr. Slowdeath" Watch Video
"Magnolia Blvd" Watch Video
"I Smell A Massacre" Watch Video
"They're Coming To Take Me Away" Watch Video

OOTB Interview
Last time we talked, we were on your bus during the Manson tour and you and Heidi were planning the Goliath album.
That was a long time ago, seems like forever ago! Our very first tour was with Otep, then we got the Manson tour.
Manson is a huge idol to all of us and the band, so we were floored when we got that. It’s been nonstop since then,
we got Danzig and Mayhem Festival and now BLS (Black Label Society). We’ve been touring with all of our favorite
musicians so it’s been an incredible ride the last couple of years.

That's incredible! Sometimes you probably have to pinch yourselves and ask, “is this really happening?”
Yeah! We really do. We just keep going and not really let it set in too much because I think if you let things set in,
you become complacent and stagnant. To keep going you just have to keep motivated.

What is it that keeps you going and motivated?
We make small goals for ourselves. We want to be a successful band. When you make small goals you retain and
keep the momentum going. That’s what we’ve always done and it’s seemed to have worked really well.

How do you bring the studio sound of Goliath and your EP's to the stage and what do you hope fans take from it?
Actually we prefer the reverse of that by bringing the live sound to the studio. When we’re on stage we thrive as a live
band, we always have. We feel most at home in front of a bunch of screaming fans and that feeds our energy.
It’s harder in the studio to bring that energy to your vocals or to your guitar player in the actual studio. We want to
capture that raw, raw energy so you guys can feel it when you’re listening to the album. In the studio you just kind of
figure out your own special way to channel that live energy. Whatever it is for you. Heidi and I are both emotional,
so it’s easy for us to kind of channel that. Some days are easier than other days.

When you’re writing, how does the band collaborate?
We collaborate on everything, the whole band is awesome in that everything is a very organic experience in writing.
Nobody is left out, we all take part and we wouldn’t have it any other way. That way when we’re all up there playing
our songs we all have invested interest in playing the music. Heidi and I have been writing for so long that we finish
each other’s sentences. If I have a great lyric that needs a follow up, she’s got it, or vice versa. We’re a great team.
Heidi and I are best friends and we’re teammates, we’re partners. This is our baby and we’ll do anything to make it
the best it can be.

What’s been the biggest struggle you’ve faced in the music industry?
I think that would be the obvious; metal is typically a male dominated industry. When we first started playing in this
metal band, people obviously judged us based on the look that we had. What people didn’t understand is that we were
a tribute band at first, we were a tribute to Wendy O. Williams. We played original songs, but the reason we started
this band was as an ode to a woman that we thought was a pretty amazing chick. We didn’t know where we’d end up,
we didn’t know we’d be playing huge festivals years later. We just wanted to have some fun with our friends, that was
our only intention and it ended up taking off. So, we’ve changed our look a little bit over the years, but it was a little bit
of a challenge to change people’s minds. But, I think the people that have actually been there from the beginning and
actually saw our shows and didn’t judge us based on appearances, have known all along that we are the real deal.

Who would you like to collaborate with?
Gosh, there’s so many. I think Slipknot is at the top of the list as far as collaborations. I love Phil Anselmo, I’d love to
collaborate with him.

What was the first concert you ever went to?
The first concert I ever went to in my entire life was New Kids On the Block; I didn’t know anything about music then.
When I heard Guns ‘N Roses for the first time, I fell in love with Rock 'N Roll then I got into metal. I think the first metal
concert I went to was probably Megadeth.

Is there anything else you’d like fans to know about?
We have a new EP out called Uncovered, it’s five cover songs. Each band member picked a song that inspired them
as a kid and we butchered ‘em up for you guys! We’ll be working on finishing our new album and touring with Black
Label Society and Hatebreed.

Butcher Babies perform Saturday at The Lifestyle Communities Pavilion in Columbus supporting Black Label Society
and Hatebreed. Tickets are $33.35. Doors open at 7 p.m.
Purchase Tickets Here.

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