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Buckcherry's Keith Nelson discusses recent EP, longevity
Band Members
Josh Todd (Lead Vocals)
Keith Nelson (Guitar)
Stevie D. (Guitar)
Kelly LeMieux (Bass)
Xavier Muriel (Drums)

Hometown: Anaheim, California

Genre: Hard Rock           Formation: 1995

OOTB Interview
What was the idea behind recording and forming the recent Fuck EP?
Well, we had five guys sitting on a tour bus, joking around and saying things like “we should make an EP and call it
Fuck and put Fuck in every song.” Everyone started laughing and once the laughter stopped, we were like, “hey, why
don’t we actually do that?” That’s kind of it really. There wasn’t a lot of thought behind it. It seemed like something
really fun to do and we just started writing the songs and we wrote some songs that didn’t have the word “fuck” in the
title... and clearly they didn’t make the record. (laughs)

Are there plans for the songs that didn’t make the EP?
I’m sure they’ll show up somewhere. We’ve got a good body of backstock at this point in the song department and
we’re just always working on stuff, writing and recording during our down time.

As a whole with your career and the band, what’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced together through the years?
The biggest challenge is finding good bus parking, yeah, and good toilets. That’s really the biggest challenge. (laughs)

(laughs) Looking back at the history of the band, what has been an encounter that stands out?
When bands start out, by design, they’re really not supposed to last that long. And I don’t think when you start a band
out, you don’t really think about being around twenty years later. So, you make decisions that are short term rather
than long term. If you happen to be as fortunate as us and stick around, you do pay the price for some of those
decisions. I think we’ve just become smarter at what we do and how we do it and who we get into the business with
and just do the best we can, you know. There’s no rule book to this thing, there’s no instruction manual.

With technology and turns in mediums of releasing music, what’s been the biggest thing you’ve encountered?
Well, clearly the Internet has leveled the playing field in a lot of ways. You used to have to have a large corporation
behind you to promote and market yourself and get your music out to people and now you don’t really need that.

And that can make things more competitive.
It does make it more competitive, but I also think the good stuff does rise to the top. People vote with their ticket
purchase. I’m not really all that concerned about it, we just had to rethink how we do business.

What’s next for Buckcherry?
We’re going to continue touring on this new EP and we’re already working on new material for the next record.
Hope to have that out sometime in 2015. We just want to continue doing what we’re doing: making records and
enjoying the process.

Buckcherry hit the road again late March through summer, performing headline shows and festivals.

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