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On the final day of PWF2016, I arrived in time to hear the full set of Atlas Genius. The South Australian band played
their first ever U.S. show in Columbus four years ago... “It’s nice to be back where we grew up so to speak.”
Announcing that “this song’s made for dancing,” they broke out into their 2013 hit, “If So." Once they realized Tears
For Fears who was originally billed was not going to be there due to family illness, they covered “Everybody Wants to
Rule the World” in their honor.

Showing more love to Columbus, Atlas Genius dedicated “Backseat” to Radio Randy (and his son) of the local
independently owned radio station CD 102.5, for being the first independent station to play their tunes “back in the
day.” Rounding out their 45-minutes of stage time, the band performed "Molecules" and my favorite, "Trojans."

Black Pistol Fire, the Ontario-born Austin-based rock duo took the stage for the next 45 minutes. Had I not been
standing there witnessing these two perform, I would have sworn I was listening to a six-piece band. The high energy
and sound that was being produced by the duo was simply amazing. The shirtless drummer, Eric Owen, pounding on
the drums like his life depended on it to lead vocalist/guitarist Kevin McKeown, jumping high kicks on the stage, this is
a definite must-see band should ever given the chance. Black Pistol Fire paid their respect by ending their set covering
Neil Young’s “Ohio.”

And then just like that--there she was--my first girl crush: Shirley Manson and Garbage were on stage. Of course I was
happy hearing a couple of my favorites, “I Think I’m Paranoid” and “Stupid Girl." Performing all over the stage with her
famous wide circle walk and even lying on her back singing, it’s apparent Shirley has taken care of herself and can
keep up just fine with any of the ‘younger' acts out today.

Later that night, seeing them for the second time, J. Roddy Walston & The Business took the stage. Long hair
swinging, hands high clapping, J. Roddy enticed the crowd to join along. After the third song, he announced that
“warm up was over” and chastised the VIP section telling them they needed to wake up and began belting out
“Take It As It Comes.” The band ended their set with “Heavy Bells.”

Last group on the last night, the 24-year-old band from the burbs of Seattle, was Modest Mouse. The band's
black and white attire coordinated perfectly with their back drop of red lighting and special effects. Lead singer/guitarist
Isaac Brock informed the audience that he had an ear infection and couldn't hear anything--"so if you’re not having a
good time, I won’t know anyways!" Modest Mouse played crowd pleasers including: “Dashboard,” “Float On” and
“Lampshades of Fire” as well as songs meant for their truer fans.

It was a successful weekend mixed with artists of old and new... hard rock vocals and no vocals... instruments & DJ’s.
It was a weekend mixed with attendees of all races, genders, ages and styles. And it was a weekend where everyone
came together in one place to peacefully enjoy one common identity: the love of live music in the capital city.
PromoWest Fest : Day Three
McFerson Commons : Columbus, Ohio Arena District : July 17, 2016
J Roddy Walston & The Business