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As a first timer at Bunbury Music Festival, I can say it was an experience I will not soon forget.

Friday opened with
Leggy; hailing from Cincinnati, she describes her music as “lush punk.” I would agree... her
three-member band has rich melody while rocking the stage. What a way to open it up! On to the next:
The Shelters
rocked the stage with a solid sound, reminding me of rock bands of the 60s with that California-rock feel... catchy with
a good beat that gets listeners dancing along.
The Wombats came to us all the way from Liverpool with their indie-alt
rock; they were a definite crowd draw and put on quite a show, mixing up the setlist with older tracks and new music
from the latest album, Glitterbug.
X Ambassadors rocked with their catchy melodies and lyrics. You definitely hear
influences from a variety of genres--from classic country rock to pop rock to hip hop; they deliver a plethora of sounds
that melt together into their music.
Mudcrutch fronted by Tom Petty was a huge hit to wind down the Friday night
lineup. Performing older classics as well as songs from their new album (titled 2), this band has been together since
the 70s and you can tell that they have the experience and it plays in their favor as they continue to rock the mic and
instruments with their pure rock 'n roll. The first full day of live music closed with
The Killers who brought to us their
dark and moody, yet poppy, collaborative songs from the LA-based four-member band. They had a big draw to close
the first night. I have to say: Way to go Bunbury, what a great first day to experience!
Bunbury Music Festival
Sawyer Point & Yeatman's Cove : Cincinnati, Ohio Riverfront : June 3-5, 2016
Guest Review By Eva Casto | Photos By  TI HILDEBRAND
Bunbury Music Festival Coverage Archives
Florence + the Machine
Saturday I started off with Automagik, yet another talented group from Cincinnati with high-energy and solid
harmonies; they grabbed the attention of the crowd and held them there with the sounds resonating through the CVG
River Stage. I hung around the River Stage appreciating the sights and sounds while listening to
Oddisee with his rich
voice filling the air with his lyrical rhymes. The hip-hop artist from NY was amazing, clear and poignant even from a
Conner Youngblood hit the stage with amazing reggae-influenced tones and sounds. I loved it! Laying down
his tracks and singing his music his way. Such a great talent I will enjoy for years to come.
Cal Scruby, a homegrown
rapper from the Cincinnati area, powered through a massive rain downpour and was able to hit some sick rhymes.
I look forward to seeing more of him in the future. Only having time for a few songs due to the inclement weather,
he let the crowd tell him what they wanted to hear--ripping his lyrics he played to the crowd and gave them what they
G. Love & Special Sauce was up next on my schedule. Coming to us from Philadelphia, they brought a
refreshing mix of blues and hip-hop. Self-described as “trashcan blues,” they have a balance of melody and harmony.  
Big Grams was up next and I was on the move to the Sawyer Point stage. Big Grams, comprised of rapper Big Boi and
electronic-alt-rock Phantogram, rocked the stage after a brief 15-minute rain delay. Once up and pumping, Phantogram
pointed out the rainbow dancing in the sky. Mixing the old with new compositions, they did break out “Miss Jackson”
made famous by Outkast.
Ice Cube followed and dedicated his show to Mohammed Ali who passed away the night
before. Laying down his famous tracks "F*** the Police" and "Check Yo Self," he made points that he hadn’t been to
Cincinnati since he and other members of the NWA were escorted off stage back in 1989. He didn’t let them tell him
then what to do, and he wasn’t gonna let them tell him now.  Always defiant, loud, and to the point; this is what makes
Ice Cube, Ice Cube.  His performance is always solid, giving fans an unforgettable experience.
The Shelters
Sunday brought a whole new experience with Flint Eastwood hailing from Detroit, Michigan. She has a strong stage
presence with tons of energy. I would describe her as a girl-power indie rocker.
Holy White Hounds banged out an
awesome set on the CVG River Stage, making me mindful of a hint of grunge and alternative rock, you could hear the
influences and hooks from bands of the past.
Lany was next with his pop-influenced set including what I would
describe as rock ballads, engaging the crowd and noting this was the largest crowd that they had yet. Lany had
amazing vocals with a balance of harmonies. All the way from LA, this band has been together for one and a half
Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound offered a wide variety of sounds from the harmonica and strings that
were brought to stage. His soulful folk songs told a story that drew you in and held you there.
Coleman Hell landed on
stage with his techno dance pop. You could find hints of electronica influences and undertones in the music. He had
amazing crowd interaction, asking: “Can I get an Amen? Can I take you up?”  He opened with his song “Take Me Up”
which contained inspirational lines throughout the song, “no one can look down on you, when your higher.” A great
performance by this band coming to Bunbury from Ontario, Canada.
Of Monsters and Men came to the Yeatman's
Cove Stage with their folk pop blends and amazing instrumental talent. Helping to close the day, they were a crowd
pleaser with awesome stage presence and entertainment.
Here Come The Mummies were HIGHLY entertaining.  
With a marching band style entrance to the funk of the 70s flowing from the stage over the crowd, the show was
amazing and got the crowd up and grooving. Closing the 2016 Bunbury Music Festival was the much-anticipated

Florence + the Machine
. The alternative rock band rocked the stage with their most popular songs, entertaining the
masses that were in attendance.
G. Love
Conner Youngblood
I ask myself: Would I go to Bunbury again? ABSOLUTELY! I'm now a 'Bunbarian.'
Of Monsters & Men