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What if I don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the links?

A.  You can download the program for free at:  or search  
the main site at and click the Downloads option.

Q.  Why does it take forever to open the links?

A.  The file may take a little time to open depending on site traffic and individual computer connection speed.  For
faster upload, you may wish to right click your mouse and choose to ”open file in new window”. Allow time for   
Adobe to open, and then the PDF's will open.

After I click the link, errors pop up when the page opens, what do I do?

A.  After the file opens, 1 or 2 minor error readings may pop up depending on your version of Adobe Reader, due to
security marks and font conversions.  These do not affect the final content.  Click “OK” and continue.

Can I reproduce any of the content?

A.  To print, reproduce or use any content in Out Of The Blue, one must acquire complete permission from Out Of
The Blue Publications.  Writers, photographers, contributors and any published content prior by means of
permission approved sources and publicity are completely protected under such laws. All Rights Reserved.

Why does the content look distorted, dark or not aligned?

A.  Minor marks of distortion (dpi, color, pixels, positioning, graphics, photography, images, links, quality, text) has
occured due to .PDF, online conversion and scanning.  

How can I change the way I view the pages?

A.  To see pages closer or in other forms, increase the size icon at the top .PDF file toolbar to 100% or more.  To
view individual pages, click the “Page” tab located at the top left hand corner.

Can I save a copy of each issue to my desktop?

A.  Yes.

Why are some pages marked with a green check at the bottom corner?

A.  All the content is copyrighted and watermarked on random pages with a security signature to ensure safety from
mishap and protection of your computer.  

Advertisements, Businesses, Dates and OOTB Contact Info listed in each issue may not be current depending on
when published–they reflect only the current times of consideration during releases.
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