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Dec. 28, 2012 was a date that should go down in the books as a night of a local talent takeover. Downplay’s
"Nightmare After Christmas" show was anything but a nightmare. It was a dream lineup of local favorites hosted
by Tess and Nuber from 99.7
The Blitz. There was a very nice turnout considering this show went up against
Mushroomhead at the Alrosa Villa on the same night.

ofHuman started off the evening rocking so hard they were breaking shit by the third song! Technical difficulties
aside, they did a great cover of The Beatles' “Eleanor Rigby” and continued to kick everyone’s ass, preparing us
all for the massive ass kicking we were to receive later that night.

Next up was local teen dreams
Hollywood Red. This is a band of high school kids that could take even the
seasoned veterans of the local scene to school and educate them in how to rock an audience (and how to
make the girl’s panties wet). This band is the next generation of music here (and quite possibly across the
nation) and everyone needs to be paying attention. Parents of young teenage daughters also need to be
paying attention, because this is the band that their girls are going to be sneaking out of their rooms at night
to go see. “Misfit Anthem” is going to be their generation’s battle hymn.

Noise Auction was the third band up to melt our faces off and that is exactly what they did. I love their mix of
melodic with just enough brutality to kick your teeth in. Their version of “Safety Dance” made me actually like
the song… I always hated that song, but Noise Auction made me like it… well I like their cover of it. Yeah, that’s
it. Unfortunately, for some reason, and I’m sure not a good enough reason, their set was cut short.  Boo to
whoever it was that ate into their time on stage.

7th Cycle was the last of the local support before Downplay hit the stage. From what I understood, their guitar
player and bass player were leaving and this was their last show for them and the band. Let’s hope that isn’t
the case because this band has a unique, heavy bottomed out sound and their version of Cutting Crew’s
“(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight” was killer. Let’s all hope this band can continue rocking the local scene.

After some semi-X-Rated antics from Nuber and a set change,
Downplay hit the stage. This show was Downplay’s
Columbus' CD release show and it was themed after Tim Burton’s
The Nightmare Before Christmas. The whole
stage was elaborately decorated to reflect the theme. It was nice to see a band actually take the time and effort
to come up with a stage set up. You don't see many bands go to the effort of creating a stage set up.  Local
bands take note! Cool visuals go far with impressing a crowd! I was a Downplay virgin, so I came to this show
not knowing what to expect, so seeing that they made the effort to really create a show was impressive. Not
only were they visually impressive, they were musically impressive as well. I only got to stay long enough to
hear four songs (left early to beat the winter storm), but I was impressed and pleased with what I got to hear.  
I will definitely be checking out this band again in the future and I recommend that everyone who reads this
review do the same.

Last but not least, local shows like this won’t exist if you don’t get out and show your support. Every big and
famous band out there started out as a local band and they became big national acts because their fans
supported them. GET OUT AND SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC! Thank you and goodnight!
Concert Review
Downplay bring "Nightmare After Christmas" to Newport with all-star local cast
Downplay lead vocalist Dustin Bates as "The Pumpkin King" bringing theatrics to their
album release show for new EP
A Human Condition at Newport Music Hall in Columbus.
Review, Photos By MISSIE TONG
Hollywood Red vocalist Dominic Frissora.