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Widespread Panic made there way east recently for a show at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica. This was a show with
vengeance against weather in mind. Cursed with terribly stormy weather up near Niagara Falls at Artpark, two nights
previous, Widespread Panic were forced to half their show at the set break and send everyone home. Those who went
to the show were given the option to trade tickets in for another ticket at a select show.

Widespread Panic came to Cleveland with a day in hand and obvious plans to treat the crowd at Jacobs to a rocker.  
Many fans arrived early to party in the parking lot before the show. Sometimes it takes an afternoon to be in the right
place at one of these shows. Just think of the scene as one big block party. People meeting friends, new and old,
while sharing beer and food, and telling stories of past shows and adventures. This is how I discovered that Artpark
had been rained out. Doors opened at 6:30 p.m. as the poster collectors stood in line to rush the merchandise tent
for their copy of the evening’s artwork. The poster collectors were lucky this day because the gate guards allowed
them to take their posters to their cars and re-enter after purchase.   

Widespread also hosted an on site food drive called "Feeding People Through Music" which usually occurs at most
Widespread Panic shows. This organization was originally created by fans in 1999 and was turned over to the band
early 2008. Since then Panic has raised more than $81,000 and 9,600+ pounds of food for communities across the
country. Fans can donate by bringing canned goods to designated shows or by entering an on site raffle for Panic
memorabilia like CDs or signed posters.

Seven thirty rolled around and the first set started off massive. “Old Neighborhood” is one of those songs that just gets
the body moving. They played a Widespread Panic infused version of “Ain’t No Use” by The Meters funky enough to
be recognized and yet still shrouded in Panic aural qualities. A good Widespread set has that feeling of sprinting and
this was the case for this first set. “Tie Your Shoes” sprinted forward into “Solid Rock” by Bob Dylan. This is a regular
cover for the band and a song that the band really plays hard. John Bell’s vocals real compliment the song well with
his use of unique intonation and pitch. Jacobs Pavilion, on the edge of The Flats, is a beautiful venue to see a show
in front of the downtown Cleveland skyline. Massive barges navigated the windy Cuyahoga River directly behind the
stage. It is incredible a boat that size can navigate the space offered. The band charged forward under the circus like
canopy of Jacobs as rowing teams powered down up the river. The band mellowed a bit with “True To My Nature”
and “Party at Your Mama’s House.” The set powered through “Good People” and “Ain’t Life Grand” to end the set.

Widespread Panic kicked the second set off with “From the Cradle.” It was a good song to start with, as it has a way
of gearing everyone back up to the pace of the Panic. The second sets at a Widespread Panic show act a lot like
second sets at Grateful Dead shows. Usually this is where the band plays their more psychedelic rock numbers.  
This show was no different. “Protein Drink” into “Sewing Machine” are usually a powerful pair that Panic play together
much like the Dead would play “Scarlet Begonias” into “Fire on the Mountain.” Jimmy Herring (guitar) shredded
through these songs with arpeggios and trills that were so fast it was hard to keep up. Man, was it crisp though.  
The set continues on through covers of “Tail Dragger” by Howlin’ Wolf and “One Kind Favor” by Blind Lemon
Jefferson. The band then played a jammed out “Stop-Go” and then “All Time Low.” The real excitement for the
second set was an instrumental cover of Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine.” I just remember how sneakily the song
was introduced to the set. I wasn’t sure where the band was going when it started. Maybe into a “Fire on the
Mountain.” The chords were right, but the possibility was slim. “Astronomy” was an epic trade. “Proving Ground”
mellowed it out one last time before the band let loose with a full speed “Flicker” to end the set. The band came back
out after fans thunderously stomped the aluminum bleachers behind the pit and played a loungy version of “Time
Waits” and then wrapped things up with “North.” Fans erupted in appreciation of the show. The fans took their time
exiting the venue and the parking lots. The party kept rolling. Many fans followed the band to Chicago’s Northerly
Island for the next night’s show.

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2014-06-19 Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica, Cleveland, OH

Set One:
Old Neighborhood
C. Brown
Ain’t No Use (The Meters)
Tie Your Shoes
Solid Rock (Bob Dylan)
True To My Nature
Party At Your Mama’s House
Driving School
Good People
Ain’t Life Grand

Set Two:
From the Cradle
Protein Drink
Sewing Machine
Dirty Side Down
Tail Dragger (Howlin’ Wolf)
One Kind Favor (Blind Lemon Jefferson)
All Time Low
Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd) (Instrumental) Last played: 2009-11-21
Proving Ground

Time Waits
Widespread Panic party down and jam out in Cleveland
Written & Photos By ZANE A. MILLER