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Two Midwest bands performed at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion’s (The LC) indoor stage that rocked the socks off of
a sold out crowd late January. The fans packed in early for The Werks from Dayton, Ohio who opened the night at
8 p.m. with a powerful one-hour set. It’s always nice to see a full house from start to finish and for fans of this genre,
why wouldn’t it be.

This was The Werks first night of two opening for Umphrey’s McGee and it was evident that the band was here to
rock. The Werk’s set composed of jam style songs mixing psychedelic rock, funk, and electronic music. They opened
the night with “Duck Farm” and followed it with a cover of “Hush” by Deep Purple with Dan Shaw on keys for some
blistering organ. Dan Shaw has been getting lots of time with the band lately on tour as Norman Dimitrouleas takes
some personal time. Norman took the stage for the rest of the set and fans were evidently pleased. The band
journeyed through the rest of its set, which featured powerful crowd pleasers like “Hard to Find” and closed with
“Onlought,” which had the crowd amped with its driving riff that pulsed the crowed. Rob Chafin multi-tasks technical
drum beats while sharing a sizable amount of lead vocals on a number of songs. This band shreds.  

After about a half hour stage change and break for he fans, Umphrey’s McGee of South Bend, Indiana took the stage
for the first of two sets. For those of you who don’t know about Umphrey’s McGee, you never know what you are going
to get. One show could be straight shredded rock and the next could be heavily electronic and dance influenced.  
You just don’t know. This show happened to be a mix of mostly shredded progressive rock with a splash of electronic.
A lot of the set was composed of older material with a few newer tunes.

Umphrey's opened with “Nipple Trix.” I wonder what is implied with this song title. Anyways, this song segued into
“Slacker” and then right into “Plunger” to “Glory” back to “Plunger” and into “Pay The Snucka,” which turned into
“Final Words” and then back to “Snucka” and finally to a rest with deafening applause. This string of songs was a
journey and something very typical of Umphrey’s McGee. It traveled from intense aural compositions to mellow and
then back again and the set wasn’t over yet. After this adventure of songs, the band mellowed out with “Deeper” and
transitioned to “Day Nurse” for the set ender. It was a rocker of a first set.

Fifteen minutes passed as the audience prepared for the next set. The band took the stage again for another long set.  
They opened with a 24-minute “Jajunk” which traveled through intricately laid out parts and climaxes with wild soloing
from Jake Cinninger and the band. The show continued on in an adventurous state evolving from one genre to the
next while mixing them together. “Robot World” started out mellow and electronic and evolved into a heavy hitting drive
of the major riff, as it does, and segued into the reggae influenced “Higgins.” “Intentions Clear” added another fun
moment to the show as Jake Cinninger and Ryan Stasik walked out into the audience and performed a high-energy
solo on the ramp back to back in the crowd on stage right. It was like two heroes in a battle and was epic to say the
least. The band ended the set and returned for the encore after the entire crowd cheered and chanted, “We want the
Umph, gotta have that Umph.” When Umphrey’s covers a song, they tend to own it and did so with Led Zeppelin’s
“Kashmir,” which then transitioned into “Andy’s Last Beer.” The audience roared and sent the band off to Detroit for
the next gig with The Werks.  Many fans followed.

2014-01-31 Setlists from L.C. Columbus, OH
The Werks (opening for Umphreys McGee)

Duck Farm
Hush [1]
Fat Man>
Better Half
Hard to Find
Heading South

(Norman Dimitrouleas on keys for all except "[1]")
[1]: Dan Shaw on keys

Umphrey’s Mcgee

Nipple Trix > (03:37)
Slacker > (11:56)
Plunger > (03:35)
Glory [1] > (04:53)
Plunger > (11:20)
Pay The Snucka > (08:00)
Final Word > (04:40)
Pay The Snucka > (03:04)
Deeper (08:29)
Day Nurse > (07:14)

JaJunk (24:40)
Bad Friday (09:01)
Robot World >  (07:22)
Higgins (13:12)
Intentions Clear > (11:46)
Hajimemashite (09:50)

Kashmir (08:56)
Andy's Last Beer (06:40)

[1] with Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac) tease
Umphrey's McGee and The Werks
Midwest bands share the stage to rock out at sold out Columbus show
Written & Photos By ZANE A. MILLER  | February 7, 2014
Umphrey's McGee lead vocalist/guitarist Brendan Bayliss.
The Werks' guitarist/vocalist Chris Houser.