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Within the short three years of The Neighbourhood's (The NBHD) formation, they've gained attention by releasing
songs with catchy hooks in which listeners can easily lose themselves. The alternative rock band's sound has a
dominating melancholy tone surrounded by a simplistic electronic presence that is shadowed with an 80's rock star
image and a whimsical black and white presentation; all of which has ushered in a varied fan base and all of which
was credibly presented last night at Newport Music Hall.

"This next song's about a sweater." After the announcement by The NBHD's lead vocalist Jesse Rutherford, the
sold-out crowd cheered and sang along to the band's most popular single, "Sweater Weather." But it wasn't just the
few hits that the crowd sung in unison to last night, every song performed felt like a familiar single. Considering the
band has two EPs (
I'm Sorry... and Thank You) and one LP (I Love You), it wasn't a surprise that the fans were well
acquainted with all of The NBHD's songs.

At times it proved difficult for the band to match some of their studio recording samples/tracks in a live setting, but
The NBHD seemed to intentionally use it to their advantage by offering a new spin on some of the songs. Each crisp
song performance was a hit with the audience. Lead singer Rutherford looks more like an early punk rocker, but when
he's behind the mic he flawlessly combines the styles of soul, reggae and even hip-hop to appropriately compliment
the music.

With quick success behind the band's 2013 debut
I Love You, which peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard alternative
album chart, the five-piece band is looking to the future by releasing an upcoming new album fittingly entitled
The Black and The White. Live performances of tracks from the album, "Silver" and "Lurk," sounded fresh and
more experimental.

With the current trek the young band is on, The Neighbourhood shouldn't be too "Afraid."

Opening artist Kitten brought a smorgasbord of twisting and pounding electronic music in the style of Five Knives.
The band carries the energy of Atari Teenage Riot and Lords Of Acid, but their sound leans more toward pop with
subtler lyrics. Lead vocalist Chloe Chaidez almost stole the night with her dominating stage presence and
charismatically frantic moves. She climbed to the very top of a speaker, stole a security guard's winter hat, and joined
fans for a crowd surf venture.

The Neighbourhood will continue their spring headline tour through early April and join some festivals this summer
after a European run.
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The Neighbourhood
Alternative rock band make each song performance a hit at sold-out Columbus show
Written, Photos By NEIL SHUMATE  | March 19, 2014