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Cheeseburger rain, cats with two heads and kids being tossed off stage into the pit made for a memorable show from
The Aquabats. The Huntington Beach, California group played the House of Blues on Monday night in Cleveland
supporting their 20th Anniversary Tour.

The ‘Bats acknowledged a big difference in this year’s tour: a lot of small children! There were children as young as
five years old donning Aquabats t-shirts and perched on top of their parents’ shoulders. MC Bat Commander, lead
singer, pointed this out many times, noting that things have changed since their TV show "The Aquabats Super Show"
has aired and constantly reminding the crowd to not crush the little kiddos.

The super hero costumed band opened with fan favorite "Martian Girl" and played a good mix of old and newer songs
throughout their roughly two hour set, including: "The Cat with Two Heads," "Magic Chicken," "My Skateboard!,"
"Pizza Day," and "Burger Rain."

The encore may have been one of the more entertaining parts of the night as Bat Commander proceeded to bring
smaller children up on stage and let them dance and hang out before tossing them back into the pit, safely of course.  

Fans young and old proved no matter how old one is, they can enjoy an Aquabats' show, as the parents danced with
their children and older fans skank-danced and sang the night away in the pit. In the words of Bat Commander, the
Aquabats may not be the best band in the world, but they certainly are 'Super Rad!'

The band Koo Koo Kanga Roo opened the show, singing songs about dinosaurs, fanny packs, speaking well and
other fun things, which eventually led to the two member group being in the middle of the pit dancing and singing with
the crowd. The show finale included one of those awesome rainbow tents you got to play with in grade school, tossed
into the crowd and opened up.
The Aquabats' 20th Anniversary Tour
Kid friendly, crazy big kid approved
Written, Photos By JEN LANGMAN  | May 6, 2014
The Aquabats.
Koo Koo Kanga Roo.