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When I first arrived and seen that "Love, Death, XXX, Hate, Crush, and Kill" were the words displayed on
Rob Zombie’s stage set, I knew I was in for show. Having been a fan of his music, as well as his movies, I did not know
what to expect. Piercings, tattoos, and black clothing was the standard as Rob Zombie and Co. came rolling through
Cincinnati on Tuesday.

The Rob Zombie "Super Monster Sex Action Tour" continues through June in the United States, completing the touring
cycle with various dates overseas. If you have never seen a Rob Zombie concert, it is highly recommended.
Rob Zombie's career is so diverse that three generations of fans were at the show. The 10-year-old boy following his
dad, making sure not to stray away in the raucous crowd of heavy metal attire and spilt beer. I also witnessed a
grandmother with a Pink Floyd t-shirt that wanted to see the show, but not get injured doing so. Neither of the two
looked disappointed.

Rob Zombie has made a career from tapping into the darker side of fantasy and horror, speaking to fans with visuals
of movie monsters, corpse-like make up, while providing the soundtrack to their dose of fantasy. If you are a casual
listener to his music you will be able to immediately recognize his hits such as "Dragula," "Living Dead Girl," and
"More Human than Human." Each song becoming more familiar than the last. Rob played them all to the energetic
crowd, chanting word for word with devil horns raised during his set.  

Zombie has been performing since the mid-80s as a founding member of the heavy metal pioneers White Zombie.  
It showed as the crowd was a little timid at first, that was until Zombie informed the crowd he was grading them on their
energy level. The crowd instantly woke up to receive an “A” from the band, the party soon followed.   

Zombie’s vocals are strong, as he commanded the audience throughout the evening, even allowing a break with the
lights turned up so fans could take selfies using the Bella Lugosi, Frankenstein, Wolf Man and King Kong backdrop as
their photographic inspiration.

John 5, lead guitar, ran across the stage, getting the pit into a frenzy with each guitar and wardrobe change that he
made. Drummer Ginger Fish highlighted his evening with a drum solo that could be heard across the Ohio River as he
banged on the drums with ferocious speed. Piggy D, bassist, pounded the bass as he taunted the pit to provide more
energy, during each song.

I know the next time this sinister circus comes to town I’ll be there dressed in black and ready to go.
Rob Zombie: Super Monster Sex Action Tour
PNC Pavilion : Cincinnati, Ohio : June 9, 2015
Guest Writer JOE PEREZ  |  Photos By MIKE HOWARD