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Engine of Chaos and 80 Proof, along with Red Dragon Cartel’s supporting act, The Ethan Brosh Band were all
incredible bands.

Red Dragon Cartel’s (RDC) supporting act was guitar virtuoso Ethan Brosh. This guy is a Jason Becker, Yngwie
Malmsteen and Steve Vai all rolled up into one rocking package deal. While some of the crowd was a little critical
because everything was instrumental, mostly everyone else was enjoying the shredding his was providing.  The fact
that everything they did was instrumental must have been an issue at the previous shows throughout the tour, so they
threw together a quick cover of “Is This Love” by Whitesnake in the parking lot that afternoon (so they claimed). Well,
perhaps they should have left it in the parking lot; never a good idea to learn songs for a show that night while in the
parking lot waiting to load in.

Red Dragon Cartel themselves were nothing less than amazing, but that’s to be expected because we are talking
about Jake E. Lee here! I have seen RDC twice this year and each show was a face melter. They play enough from
Jake’s extensive catalogue of music to make everyone happy, including songs from his days with Ozzy and
Badlands. Darren James Smith has an incredible vocal range, giving him the ability to cover what is needed to make
us all very happy campers. I am sure he makes Ray proud each time he does “Highwire” because he just nails it!  
Jake’s bass player from the Badland days, Greg Chaisson, is now taking care of bass duties in Red Dragon Cartel.
If you are a Jake E. Lee fan, then you don’t want to miss out on any RDC shows.  

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