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With a general rarity of current industrial-driven touring bands, the music of Puscifer was a dream come
true for dark music rockers last night at Express Live in Columbus; complementing the musical reality was
lucid dream theatrical visuals formulated by vocalist Maynard James Keenan (Tool, A Perfect Circle) along
with counterpart and lead guitarist Mat Mitchell.

The Money Shot Tour's seemingly intentional campy onstage production, featuring non-musical openers
Luchafer (Lucha libre Mexican wrestling group), acted as a prequel or continuation to “The Remedy”
music video, which visually tells the story of a retired Luchador wrestler who instead of living in the present
is revisiting his surrounded past (more Birdman than Billy Madison).

The Carina Round and Keenan vocal duo with resonating unisons and faultless solos possessed both
builds with angst and subtle, tranquil decompressions.

Center stage, drummer Jeff Friedl (A Perfect Circle, DEVO) stirred the chest chamber with industrial thuds
reverberating from his combined standard with electronic drum set.

Mitchell along with bassist Paul Barker (Ministry) and keyboardist Mahsa Zargaran completed the
exceptional live wall of sound.

All four acts of the set focused heavily on the band’s most recent release
Money Shot
(including: “Simultaneous,” “The Arsonist,” “Grand Canyon”) and 2011’s Conditions Of My Parole
(including: “Man Overboard,” “Toma,” “Horizons”). The set list didn't leave out title tracks or fan favorites.

As always, Puscifer is a thought provoking must see live band. Both musically and visually, an act with
social commentary that is generously sarcastic, comedic, hypnotic and fulfilling.

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