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Nearly 30 years after forming, the Pixies still have it. Through an 11-year hiatus and a few lineup changes,
Frank Black has managed to somehow keep Pixies as potent as ever.

The evening started with opener John Grant, joined by another keyboardist and a guitarist who backed him as he
wove sweet melodies and profanity laced lyrics for an oddly enjoyable juxtaposition of themes. But what everyone was
willing to brave the ominous weather forecast for was the Pixies playing in Cincinnati for the first time in way too long.

Frank Black and the Pixies, including somewhat-new bassist Paz Lenchantin, took the stage and roared through a
powerful set, heavy on classics and crowd favorites, including: “Here Comes Your Man,” “Tame,” “Debaser,” and
quite possibly their most iconic song, “Where Is My Mind.” Every aspiring indie musician (myself included) has at some
point stood in a garage and butchered that song, all the while thinking you were the next Pixies.  

The legacy of the Pixies is not only great music, powerful shows and the inimitable Frank Black... they inspired a
generation of indie rock and alternative musicians, and judging by this show, will continue to do so for years to come.
Horseshoe Casino : Cincinnati, Ohio : May 16, 2015
Review & Photos By BRIAN BRUEMMER