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"Yahoo!’s filming tonight... time to get naked."

At least I think that’s what Panic!’s lead singer Brendon Urie said as my ear drums were shattered by the New Kids
On The Block esque screams from the audience once his jacket came off (even louder when his shirt came off).

That was just a hint at what the rest of the night would be like as Panic! At The Disco played their hearts out to more
than 3000 fans. Wednesday night’s show at Jacob's Pavilion at Nautica felt like it was taken up a few notches as
Yahoo! recorded video of them live. Impressive lighting showed off the band and their fans of all ages who were
screaming and dancing away to the music’s pop-dance style.

Halfway through the set Urie shares, “This is a song about a girl I used to **** and she started ******* my friends, so
**** her!” as the band played into their catchy single “Miss. Jackson.” Panic! continued to play several songs off
their fourth studio album
Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! while also pleasing their hardcore fans with a mix of
older songs.

Proving incredible vocal range a third of the way through, Panic! covered Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” As Urie
belted out, “Thunderbolts of lightning, very very frightening” it was as if he was summoning the weather as it began
to rain with flashes of lightning in the distance. That didn’t stop the die hard fans from swaying and headbanging
along to one of the best rock songs from the 20th Century.

Opening for Panic! was Cincinnati’s Walk The Moon and Boston’s Magic Man. I only caught Walk The Moon
and I was pretty sure I needed to buy their album by the end of their set. Only familiar with their single “Anna Sun,”
I found myself wanting to dance along to every song played. The band had incredible chemistry on stage as well
as being entertaining.
Review & Photos
Panic! At The Disco at Jacob's Pavilion in Cleveland
Review and Photos By JEN LANGMAN | August 1, 2014
Panic! At The Disco
Walk The Moon