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New Politics lead vocalist David Boyd's hyperactivity circulated through a sold out crowd at Newport Music Hall last
night as part of the alternative music trio's "Harlem, U.S.A. Tour." Boyd's contagious energy engaged concert goers
with his back flips, head stands, break dancing and crowd surfing.

Having two studio albums released through RCA (2010's
New Politics and 2013's A Bad Girl in Harlem), this mark's
the band's first major headlining tour after opening treks with Twenty One Pilots, Pink, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Thirty
Seconds To Mars and Fall Out Boy. The band's previous on the road experience was clearly evident as each member
performed tirelessly with consistence.

The Denmark/Brookyln band's genre chaos--sometimes punk, sometimes rock, sometimes pop electronic--blends well
with fans and live performances that included "Die Together," "Dignity," "Harlem," "Yeah Yeah Yeah," "Tonight Your
Perfect" and a Justin Timberlake cover of "My Love" were all well received. It was also Boyd's birthday and drummer
Louis Vecchio with guitarist/vocalist Soren Hansen directed fans to celebrate by singing the happy birthday song.

The CD102.5 low dough show also featured Kentucky's Sleeper Agent (resemblance to Karate Coyote) and Boston's
Magic Man (resemblance to The Killers). Sleeper Agent performed new tracks off
About Last Night including "Waves"
and Magic Man performed songs off it's
You Are Here EP.  

New Politics will continue it's "Harlem, U.S.A. Tour" throughout February before hitting the road with Fall Out Boy and
Paramore as part of the upcoming extensive spring and summer "Monumentour."
New Politics
Trio's first headlining tour unites Columbus crowd as one
Written & Photos By NEIL SHUMATE  | February 6, 2014