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Neon Trees brought a near arena-scaled production to a sold out crowd last night at Newport Music Hall complete
with split LED screens, center stage stairs leading to a high rise platform and synced back lighting that complimented
the band members who were spread out across the stage. The impressive set up that filled every inch of space was
revealed after a large white sheet disguising the stage was pulled down during the pop rock band's opener "Lessons
In Love (All Day, All Night)."

Lead vocalist Tyler Glenn shined throughout the show as he confidently worked the stage with wild tip toe dances
and carefree moves while managing to never lose breathe when singing audience familiar tracks from the band's three
albums. Half way through the performance, percussionist Elaine Bradley left her drum set for well-received duets with
her fellow devout Mormon bandmate, performing "Mad Love" and "Unavoidable."

With occasional verbal segues for song introductions and prior to delving more into the band's latest record
Pop Psychology--which focuses on sex, sexuality and Glenn's therapist visits--the vocalist paused to mention his
experience with publicly coming out as gay to friends and family: "I'm 30 years old, I believe in God, I love music,
I'm gay and I'm happy." The crowd roared to show the smiling vocalist support for coming to terms with his early
2014 realization.

Despite being in a warm, humid venue the audience still danced around with pride and dripped sweat while erupting
in unison to sing the lyrics "Don't You Want Me, Baby?" during Neon Tree's The Human League cover. Brief music
interludes gave Glenn opportunities for minor wardrobe changes into styles that make the 80s feel fresh and new.

After a brief pre-encore pause following a performance of the band's hit single "Sleeping With A Friend," the big stage
production enhanced. Wearing shiny ruby red shoes, Glenn stood on the stairway leading platform in front of a giant
pink brain. The metaphorical brain prop likely reflected
Pop Psychology's topics of mental anguish and it was fittingly
serenaded with a fierce live cover of "Where Is My Mind?" Following The Pixies' cover, most of the crowd stuck around
to hear "Everybody Talks."

Although the glam of David Bowie made attempts to be seen and heard during the band's performance, it was the
Mick Jagger, Dave Gahan, Billy Idol blend that won. Without a doubt, Neon Trees gave concert goers a colorful
performance to remember.  
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Neon Trees give sold out Columbus crowd a show to remember
Written, Photos By NEIL SHUMATE | July 1, 2014