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Bubbles bursting into clouds of smoke engulfed the nighttime sky as the soulful, majestic vocal chords of New Zealand
goth pop artist Lorde reverberated Tuesday at The LC Pavilion.

The 2014 Grammy winner's presence of cryptic moves with flailing arms and shadow puppet hand gestures appeared
loud and at times resembled Marilyn Manson collapsing and convulsing over his "Superstar Pulpit," but the motions
came across as soft when aligned to the sometimes 80's sounding dark electronic backing beats provided by her two
piece live band, comprised of a drummer and keyboardist.

The singer-songwriter's prestigious vocal strength was consistently precise throughout the captivating 70-minute set
as she sang chart topping hits "Royals," "Tennis Court" and the most crowd engaging track "Team" among other tracks
from her 2013 full length solo debut,
Pure Heroine. The artist on the verge of diva, with the right amount of glam, also
covered portions of Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" and Bon Iver's "Heavenly Father."

Lorde's mature performance overshadowed the fact of her being a 17-year-old until she introduced "Ribs" as a song
about being afraid to grow up and her specifically mentioning pre-18 age groups. Lorde also commented on her
unfortunate inability to hang out with people her age while touring.

Confident but shy, with her left hand tucked away in the pocket of her white robe, Lorde walked across the stage with
a wide smile to flatter the cheering crowd and described her Columbus' experience as the rowdiest and one of her
most intimate performances despite there being "a fuck load of people" at the venue. Lorde also expressed a high level
of gratitude for all of her fan's support.

Wardrobe changes, strobe lighting, back laser lights, dim video screens and a chandelier hanging high above the
stage complimented Lorde's live performance package to showcase the talented teen as a cold, yet firey soul with
enough class, rebellion and dilution to avoid acquiring the label of a trendy mainstream pop star.
Lorde mesmerizes Columbus with haunting, polished performance
Written and Photos By NEIL SHUMATE | September 25, 2014
Lorde performing in Columbus as part of her Pure Heroine US fall tour.
Canadian duo Majical Cloudz opening for Lorde.