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In This Moment
The Hell Pop Tour raids Cincinnati with rising sets
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Written & Photos By NEIL SHUMATE  | February 4, 2014
Artistic stage props, seductive outfits and dark theatrics created an overtly gothic setting for In This Moment's
performance last night at Bogarts. Before the "Hell Pop Tour" headlining metal band walked onto the smoke-filled
light-flashing stage, Type O Negative's "Black No. 1" welcomely blared over the speakers. Lead vocalist Maria Brink
walked onto stage like a hardcore Madonna with red leather leggings, a red cap and a tight fitting ring master jacket.

Like a play with multiple acts, Brink changed attire for almost each song. Though her self-crafted minor outfit changes
seemed to be exhaustive at times, it didn't hamper Brink's screaming and singing through her headset mic. Occasional
stage alterations were also made to Brink's white skull pulpit which featured a sculpted collage base of hands and
faces that looked like souls trying to escape Freddy Kruger's body. Giant inoculation needles, guns and knives being
tossed around by masked, dancing 'Blood Girls' brought Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson to mind.

Although Brink dominated attention with her long blonde hair and flashy feminine moves, each band member was
spotlighted with brief solos--lead guitarist and co-founding member Chris Howorth, bassist Travis Johnson, guitarist
Randy Weitzel and a lengthy drum solo by Tom Hane. Brink proudly introduced each member following the solo sets.

In addition to newer tracks "Whore," "Burn," "Adrenalize," "Blood" and others from the band's latest album
Blood, the
group also performed songs from previous records including "Daddy's Falling Angel," "The Gun Show," and "Blazin'."
Maria Brink shared an uplifting speech following her emotionally charged solo performance of "Into The Light" and the
crowd raged together during In This Moment's live cover performance of Nine Inch Nails' "Closer."

Hollywood band All Hail The Yeti woke the cold crowd up earlier in the evening with hard hitting metal mixed with the
likes of solid southern rock. Supporting artist Devour The Day also performed an energetic set with radio friendly rock
songs that had a biting edge and memorable riffs.

With this being In This Moment's last touring run on 2012's
Blood album cycle, the band recently released a live
CD/DVD combo of the ground breaking tour via Century Media titled
Blood at the Orpheum.