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The 2014 Ohio State Fair was treated to a double dose of some of the most powerful and legendary women in rock.  

The evening kicked off with iconic punk rocker and former Runaway, Joan Jett. Jett’s signature three-cord punk
crunch got everyone’s blood pumping with hits such as "Bad Reputation," "I Love Rock 'n Roll" and "Do You Wanna
Touch." Joan also pulled a few Runaway hits--"Cherry Bomb" and "You Drive Me Wild"--out of the rock vault to
appease us Runaway fans. Joan Jett’s high energy punk anthems never get old and neither has Joan herself.  
I have been listening to her since the Runaways and she sounds just as good as she did back then, maybe even
better now--like a fine wine, she’s only gotten better with age.

Heart’s performance was nothing less than spectacular. The female performers of today can’t even compare to what
Ann and Nancy Wilson bring to the table. The show’s set list spanned the several decades of Heart’s expansive
catalogue of music, including their popular hits from the '70s such as "Magic Man" and "Barracuda," '80s power hits,
"What About Love," "These Dreams" and an acoustic version of "Alone," which was just beautiful! They also did an
absolutely beautiful and a very haunting version of "Heaven."   

If I was only able to use one word to describe the show, that word would be: AMAZING! The Wilson sisters have
definitely held up to the test of time and so has their music. Songs that they have done way back in the beginning
years are still popular to this day and they perform them with the same energy as they did back then. Heart ended
the evening with an encore set tribute to Led Zeppelin that would have made even the most rabid Zep fanatic proud.
Review & Photos
Ann and Nancy Wilson bring their
heart and soul to the Ohio State Fair
Review and Photos By MISSIE TONG | August 3, 2014