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I have to admit, I was a little nervous about shooting this show. I had never seen GWAR before. Yes, I was a
GWAR virgin. I didn’t know if it was like
The Rocky Horror Show where they initiated virgins or if I was going to
leave with thousands of dollars worth of damaged gear. Lucky for me, none of the above happened and it was
the most fun I had ever had in the photo pit of Newport Music Hall.

Even though I didn’t know much about GWAR before this show, the band was on my bucket list of bands to
photograph and with the untimely death of vocalist, Dave Brockie, aka, Oderus Urungus, earlier this year, I, like
many others, had wondered if the band would continue on without him. I guess you can’t keep a group of
intergalactic Scumdogs down for long... instead of continuing on in a status quo like nothing happened, Blothar
and new member to the horde, Vulvatron, along with the rest of the Scumdogs acknowledged their missing
comrade with a tour storyline centered around the missing Oderus and were working on bringing him back
through a magic time machine.

Various characters were brought forth into this world through the time machine and were bludgeoned to pieces,
spraying the audience with fake blood and green goo, but to their dismay, Oderus was not to be brought back.  
They did manage to bring his penis back (Cuttlefish of Cthulhu), but Oderus was not attached to that penis, but
it gave everyone within 20 feet or so a sticky green facial.  

Although all attempts to bring him back failed, this was the band’s way of addressing and paying tribute to their
fallen fellow Scumdog in a way that only GWAR could do: with loads of fake blood and green goo. I think Oderus
would be very proud.
GWAR Eternal Tour stops in Columbus on its search for Oderus
Written & Photos By MISSIE TONG
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