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George Clinton, The Godfather of Funk himself, brought his show to a full house at Cleveland's House of Blues this
past Friday night along with his band Parliament Funkadelic (P-Funk). The evening was full of colorful stage presence
and classic jams giving the audience the funky night they came for and more.

At 72 years old, Clinton showed no signs of slowing down as he danced to the beat across the stage and engaged the
audience. Wearing bright yellow pants and a matching plaid jacket, Clinton’s look may be different than what fans are
used to, but there wasn’t a disappointed face in the crowd.

By the time Parlamack Carlos McMurray AKA Sir Nose came on stage, the crowd was fired up. Donning white furry
pants, jacket and matching hat with large glittering letters spelling "NOSE" across his abs complete with a long nose
mask, he was definitely a sight to see.

Not long after Sir Nose's arrival he disappeared into the crowd bringing a line of ladies up on stage packing the stage
leaving little space and creating a hot and smoky dance floor.

Between the heat and long set the rest of the evening was a blur of dancing bodies, funky beats and smiling faces.
This was my first time seeing Clinton and PFunk, adding yet another legend to my concert going experience which
made for a great night of music and fun.
Review & Photos: The legendary George Clinton and P-Funk
bring that classic nasty funk to Cleveland's House Of Blues
Written & Photos By JEN LANGMAN