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Hailing from Austin, Texas, Wild Child opened for Dr. Dog Tuesday at Newport Music Hall. Columbus
was privileged to be the first to hear this pairing as they tour together for the next several shows.

Lead singer and violinist, Kelsey Wilson, belted out ethereal lyrics and played the violin with as much
passion and vigor. Along with the band playing baritone (Alexander Beggins), cello (Sadie Wolfe),
keyboards (Evan Magers), drums (Tom Myers), bass (Chris D'Annunzio) and trumpet (Matt Bradshaw),
Wild Child is definitely not short of talent and the crowd's response proved their approval.  

Wild Child's performance was not only energetic, appealing and full of moxie, but you could tell they were
truly humbled by the crowd's acceptance... and that set the perfect tone for Dr. Dog to take the stage.

The voiceless opening techno beat, heavy bass and swirling psychedelic strobe lighting had me expecting
to see colorful dancing bears riding a yellow submarine. Released Feb. 5, Dr. Dog's latest release,
Psychedelic Swamp, lives up to the album's title. But it was older songs that got the crowd really moving
and singing along.

"...With the sun in my eyes, I step into the night, like a mystery in the dark, Oh, it's just another kind of
light..." and the whole concert hall illuminated brightly in perfect unison. And one of my favorites from the
2010 album,
Shame, Shame: "and we're all in it together now as we all fall apart, and we're swapping little
pieces of our broken little hearts..."   

The six piece band--Toby Leaman (lead vocal, bass guitar), Scott McMicken (lead vocal, lead guitar),
Frank McElroy (rhythm guitar), Zach Miller (keyboard), Eric Slick (drums) and Dimitri Manos (tambourine,
percussion and various other instruments)--equally shared zealousness, bouncing about the stage and
engaging the crowd. With eight albums and several other EPs and compilations under their belt in the last
ten years, this band from west Grove, Pennsylvania will be keeping their fans entertained for more years
to come.

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Dr. Dog continues its tour with Wild Child through April. See Dates Here.
Dr. Dog, Wild Child : Newport Music Hall : Columbus, Ohio : March 29, 2016
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