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Alternative electronic pop duo Capital Cities performed in Columbus on Wednesday as part of their current fall/winter
headlining tour which kicked off early October after opening shows on Katy Perry's spring tour. Although the crowd
only filled the first floor of Newport Music Hall leaving an empty balcony, the full live band didn't seem distracted by the
turnout as each member's stage presence never went flat.

Smiling and dancing with synchronized swinging arm and hand motions, as if they were performing as back up singers,
Sebu Simonian (vocals, keyboard) and Ryan Merchant (vocals, guitar) treated fans to a lively set with songs including:
"Safe and Sound," "Kangaroo Court," "I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo," "Farrah Fawcett Hair" and "One Minute
More." Halfway through the set, the lead duo tossed out "gifts" to the crowd including a coloring book, stickers and
candy as well as a racing video game from tour sponsor XBox One.

Capital Cities motivated every body to move and sing along with cover song performances of "Stayin' Alive"
(Bee Gees), "Remember The Time" (Michael Jackson) and "Holiday" (Madonna). The Los Angeles' duo's signature
trumpeter and trombone player Spencer Ludwig played with a precise, ferocious intent bringing the soulful jazzy likes
of Miles Davis throughout the set.

Charged electronic instrumentalist duo Cherub opened with dancey nightclub beats complete with full lyrics, brief
guitar solos and flavorful fun with a talk box. The band's approach sounds like Empire Of The Sun with doses of Prince
and Daft Punk. Their cover of Calvin Harris' "Feel So Close" shook the crowd with Jason Huber's shouts and screams
that made the dance hit turn into a live rock hit. Fans also took to
Year Of The Caprese's "Doses & Mimosas."

Experienced but newer indie pop rock duo, with a full supporting live band, Night Terrors of 1927 also opened the
show bringing solid melodic tunes that sometimes felt like the '80s and early '90s, having music in the vein of Passion
Pit and vocals comparable at times to Brandon Flowers. The group performed Tegan and Sara featured track "When
You Were Mine," "Fall Into You" and others from their
Anything To Anyone EP. A debut full length is expected soon.

Capital Cities  |  Cherub  |  Night Terrors Of 1927
Capital Cities, Cherub, Night Terrors of 1927
Newport Music Hall : Columbus, Ohio : November 5, 2014
Review & Photos By NEIL SHUMATE
Capital Cities
Night Terrors Of 1927