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Surrounded by smoke and decked out in an elaborate white bodysuit, In This Moment lead vocalist Maria Brink stood
on a Vegas-like platform in front of a faux red curtain backdrop wearing a wide black hat with her arms reaching up as
two cryptic masked female dancers crawled and motioned like mimes on each side of the tall, long blonde haired metal
vocalist while a packed Lifestyle Communities Pavilion roared and began to sing along to the band's latest single and
opening track, "Sick Like Me."

Since the release of 2007's
Beautiful Tragedy, In This Moment has evolved its live performance from a stripped down
masculine set to the current choreographed, costume changing feminine set; but the polarity between the two hasn't
disenfranchised the band's big, dominating sound--either way, headbangers still approved of the lively, raunchy
burlesque production. Perhaps In This Moment's defiance of a straight forward rock and roll show is in itself what
makes the band maintain its rebellious metal nature while musically continuing to venture down new paths.

Focusing on material from the fifth full-length record
Black Widow, In This Moment performed the early industrial
sounding, danceable "Big Bad Wolf" and "Black Widow" with an approach comparable to Lords Of Acid, Genitorturers,
Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. During the rap heavy track "Sex Metal Barbie," Brink stood behind a tall pink pulpit
with the band's black widow spider logo, wearing a pink leather top and sash.

Following a powerful performance of "Adrenalize" from In This Moment's 2012 turning point album
Blood, a young boy
surfing the crowd caught Brink's eye and by her request, he was brought on stage out of caution. Giving the boy a
hug, Brink encouraged him to be safe by refraining from any future crowd surfing.

Brink showcased her vast vocal range and diverse genre capability while sitting on a tall chair center stage, singing
The Dream's harmonic, emotional piano driven track "Into The Light" backed by a crowd of waving lighters and cell
phone flash lights.

Halfway through the set, Brink paused to thank the crowd and express her appreciation for everyone's support, then
she introduced the band members individually who were spread wide across the stage, each wearing painted black
eye makeup with outfits having white marks resembling Trent Reznor's early Nine Inch Nails' days.

After being introduced, the talented four members (Chris Howorth, guitarist; Randy Weitzel, guitarist; Travis Johnson,
bassist; Tom Hane, drums) meshed into a lengthy Metallica medley opening with "For Whom The Bell Tolls" while
carrying out solos.

Sitting in front of her cage, Brink took the stage in a school girl skirt wearing a white dunce cap labeled
with red letters spelling out the band's hit single: "Whore." Prior to performing the song, Brink made a speech by
dedicating the track to anyone who has been outcasted or doubted by being told they're not good enough and
shouldn't follow their dreams and to those neglected for being different, based on other's standards and opinions.

Although with more aspects of glam than goth, In This Moment continues to make an artistic name for themselves by
keeping shock rock/horrror rock alive and well, while giving fans not just a concert, but also a show.
Black Widow Tour sinks fangs into Columbus,
paralyzes fans with theatrical metal production
Columbus based "cinematic rock" group Starset supported In This Moment performing nine songs from the band's full
length debut,
Transmissions. The band led by vocalist Dustin Bates (on stage role as a scientist) emerged from
Starset's original sci-fi backing story as a group of musicians (wearing blue-lit shield masks and black bodysuits)
organized by The Starset Society to spread a message delivered from a star in a constellation through metaphorical
lyrics that have an ultimate bigger meaning.

Running live electronic effects and sounds from a large transparent touchscreen surface monitor--a smithson martin
emulator--Bates impressed the hometown crowd by delivering an original, classy modern rock show in the vein of
Linkin Park and Thirty Seconds To Mars, with both soft and sinister vocals performing songs including latest single
"Carnivore" and national chart topping breakout hit "My Demons." The band's recent addition of a live touring string
performer (cello, violin) has further enhanced the band's solid live performance creating a more atmospheric sound.

In This Moment's Black Widow Tour runs through mid-December.
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