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Beach House kicked off their 2016 tour in support of Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars
Monday night in Cleveland with a sold out crowd at the House of Blues.

A minimally lit stage set the dark and enchanting mood of the evening as the long intro to
’s first track "Levitation” set the crowd into a fury of cheers and excitement. Having an outro you
don’t want to end, blending into the sets second song, fan favorite “Walk in the Park,” the evening was
off to a great start.

The set focused primarily on songs from
Depression Cherry mixing in old favorites from Teen Dream,
Bloom, and their self-titled release while only playing a few songs off their second release in 2015,
Thank Your Lucky Stars.

Entranced by lasers, strobes, eerily beautiful vocals and synth, the crowed cheered and swayed to favorite
songs throughout the set. Halfway through, the band mingled with the audience asking how many were
from Cleveland and how many traveled; it became apparent by the overwhelming cheers that many
fans traveled to see one of their first US shows in a while.

“Time for a slow one,” said lead vocalist Victoria Legrand introducing “Wildflower.” The remainder of the
set was slow and dreamy, ending with a two song encore of “Master of None” and “Sparks,” concluding
with upbeat performances.

Supporting two piece Wume hit fans with hypnotic, entrancing drum and synthetic beats that felt like the
music from The Nature Store turned EDM; not that it's a bad thing. Certainly worth checking out.

Beach House will continue it's tour, with many dates already sold out, through next month with a UK
tour set for June.
See Dates Here.
Beach House : Cleveland House Of Blues : February 29, 2016
Photography and Review By JEN LANGMAN
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