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Walking stiffly onto stage with guitar in hand under cold blue lights, suave and polished vocalist/lyricist Alex Turner
stood in front of the center stage mic and asked, "Have you got color in your cheeks?" The sold-out LC Pavilion
audience quickly recognized his lyrical question last night as Sheffield rock act Arctic Monkeys led the crowd into the
AM album hit song "Do I Wanna Know?"

Reinventing themselves with their widely acclaimed Grammy nominated fifth studio album
AM, released in 2013, the
band's Lou Reed glam/Black Keys psychedelic blues sound came across as mature, but slightly mundane in a live
setting with songs including "Fireside," "Snap Out Of It" and "One For The Road." The newer nocturnal songs are
generally somber, but the band performed each track on target, shadowed with smoke and outlined with red, blue, pink
and occasional bursts of white lighting.

"Knee Socks," "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?" and "Arabella," with a Black Sabbath "War Pigs"
extended guitar solo transition, each hit the spot; however, it was the band's youthful stripped down post-punk tracks
that moved Turner farther away from the center mic and set the crowd into motion during "Pretty Visitors,"
"Brainstorm," "Dancing Shoes" and "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor."

It seemed unnecessary for the band to greet the crowd as each fan already felt welcome, singing and dancing, but
when clean-cut, rockabilly looking Turner opened his arms to the audience, he received a deserving wave of
thunderous, enthusiastic applause. Shortly thereafter, it was on to the next song.

After plowing through a healthy set of song performances that touched on each of the band's albums and closing with
"505," the quartet and touring keyboardist returned to play a three song encore, completing the show with twenty total
songs and wrapping it up with the lyrical question: "Are you mine? Are you mine tomorrow or just mine tonight?"

The wild and (purposely?) obnoxious act The Orwells, hailing from the Chicago area, opened the CD102.5/Promowest
show. Well, the four instrumentalists weren't obnoxious, but lead vocalist Mario Cuomo stood out with his tripping daisy
stage antics--did Cuomo perform with an intentional punk-rock-attitude or was it just needless chaos? Liam Lynch's
"United States Of Whatever" came to mind.

The young garage rock band sounded tight and occasionally resembled The Strokes as they fired through songs that
included "Mallrats (La La La)," "Who Needs You?," "The Righteous One" and "Dirty Sheets."

The Arctic Monkeys conclude their sold-out US east coast run in a couple days and then hit the road for a European
See Dates. The Orwells will visit England and return to the states this spring. See Dates.
Arctic Monkeys, The Orwells
British indie rock band invade Columbus with unshakeable, sold-out performance
Written By NEIL SHUMATE  | February 12, 2014
Arctic Monkeys. Photo Provided By Publicity.
The Orwells. Photo By Neil Shumate.