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Alien Ant Farm played Cleveland, Ohio’s Agora Ballroom Wednesday night on the band's "ANTarchy In The USA
Tour." Being one of unpacked venue crowd members was a weird experience, as in the past AAF would have packed
a midsized venue or larger. There were a few diehard fans in the front row who pushed me out of the way to express
their undying love for AAF as singer Dryden Mitchell responded by grabbing one of the fans hands to shake it and
gave a quick kiss to the top of his hand. You could tell the band appreciated their small, but hardcore little audience.

The sound was terrible and I found it hard to even tell what part of the song was being sung. I found myself pulling out
my ear plugs thinking they were the culprit, but still not much luck with separating the vocals from the music. The band
played a mix of old favorites with a couple new songs sprinkled in the mix.

Dryden announced one song, “this is my mom's favorite AAF song, so it’s my fave” and the band went into “Attitude.”
Later, one of the new songs “Homage” was announced as a love song to classic musicians. One of my favorite
moments was when “Sticks and Stones” was played with the band repeating the chorus because they liked it so much.

Some other songs performed included: “Wish,” “1000 Days,” “What I Feel,” “These Days,” and “Glow” with the singer
from Kaleido, SS, and closing with their hit cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.”

Fans can pre-order Alien Ant Farm's new album
Always And Forever on pledgemusic.com in which they’ve already
surpassed their goal. Their single for the song “Homage” will debut on iTunes September 2.

AAF was supported by Kaleido whose lead singer has a very Gwen Stefani vibe and voice and played a great cover of
Guns 'N Roses' "My Michelle." The band Drenalin also opened the show.
Review & Photos
Alien Ant Farm's "ANTarchy Tour" visits Cleveland Agora
Review & Photos By JEN LANGMAN