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Seattle based grunge rockers Alice in Chains opened up Cleveland's outdoor summer concert season drawing a
packed crowd to Jacob's Pavilion at Nautica on Monday night.

The show started with William DuVall--the band’s co-lead singer and rhythm guitarist who replaced original frontman
Layne Staley a few years after his untimely death in 2002--running on stage starting the show off with the classic
"Them Bones" as the rest of the band, guitarist and lead vocalist Jerry Cantrell, bassist Mike Inez, and drummer
Sean Kinney joined in.

The show started off loud and energetic, giving the crowd what they wanted: classic Alice in Chains mixed with newer
songs off 2013's
The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.

Halfway through the set, the crowd roared as the band played "Man In The Box," a hit song from their 1990 debut
Facelift, lifting the show from a slight lull in sound and energy. DuVall may not resemble departed rocker
Staley with his afro and tight black clothes, but you'd be hardpressed to tell the difference between the singers’ voices.

The band showed great chemistry on stage, with frontmen Inez, Cantrell and DuVall constantly changing sides on
stage and interacting with fans in the front rows. They even gave a shout out to all the exhibits they visited at the
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame earlier that day, often mentioning how “Cleveland Rocks” and engaging with fans throughout.

The band took a short break leaving a rowdy crowd stomping their feet and cheering for more before they came back
with a three song encore including hit songs "Got Me Wrong", "Rooster" and ending with "Would," leaving the show on
a high note with their fans sated and cheering the band off stage.

Canadian band Monster Truck opened the show giving fans a nostalgic feeling of 70's rock mixed with mid-90s.
Toward the end of their set they brought out Alice In Chains bassist Mike Inez to play a song with them before
wrapping up their roughly 40 minute rock filled set, amping the crowd up for an evening of grungy rock.

Alice In Chains continue it's spring tour through May 24 before heading overseas next month and they will return this
summer for some US and Canada dates. For more tour dates,
visit here.
Photos & Review: Alice In Chains rock Cleveland
Written, Photos By JEN LANGMAN  | May 20, 2014