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Feature: local supergroup Screamin' Peach
I find it pretty interesting that Eric Lanese
got the name for Screamin' Peach from
a waxing studio in Fort Collins, Colorado.
You’ll have to ask him about that.

Lanese, who is the drummer for
əkoostik Hookah, formed Screamin'
Peach in the winter of 2006. He decided
to get the project together after filling in
for The Burning River Band.  
Band Members
Amy Hughes

Eric Lanese
əkoostik Hookah
(drums, vocals)

Eric Sargent
əkoostik Hookah
(guitar, vocals)

Nate Hollman
The John Mullins Band,
Jonalee White,
The Night Caps Band
(keys, vocals)

Nat Reeb
One Under
(bass, vocals)

Sean Jenkins
Billy Two Shoes
(guitar, vocals)
Connect with
Screamin' Peach

Web site
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By debbiew  
Published: September 15, 2010
"I thought playing with Sean (Jenkins of Billy Two Shoes), Sarge (Eric Sargent of
əkoostik Hookah) and the bass player Andy on non hookah, non BRB songs could be a
good fit," Lanese said. "I could hear us playing music that neither band covered, but that
we all seemed to have an affinity for. Andy wasn't available, I don't recall why, but Sarge
knew Nat (Reeb of One Under) from living in Granville and we started playing with him.”  

Screamin' Peach also has Nate Hollman on keys. Hollman plays with other bands
including: Snowblynd, The John Mullins Band, Jonalee White and The Night Caps Band.  

Lanese said: “I had known Nate for years and he and I always seemed to have a good
time in each others company, and of course he is a great organ player and I felt he
added a lot to whoever he was gigging or sitting in with. He plays with a lot of folks and
so it was very cool that when asked if he would like to play along with what we were
doing he said 'yeah.'“   

Amy Hughes entered the band a little over a year after the band started playing together.   

“There were songs that I felt could really use a female voice on and there were songs
that would be fun to play that featured a female vocalist," Lanese said. "I've always liked it
when a band has a diversity of voices. Plus, I think it's always more interesting when
there is a woman on stage." Hughes has been singing all of her life, when she was 5 or 6
years old she sang in her parent's basement
where her dad had a microphone set up.  

”I would sing the Judds, Charlie Pride’s
‘Behind Closed Doors’. I think my dad actually
still has it on tape somewhere,” she said.  

After singing all of the way through school and
graduating in 1995  from LHS in Lancaster,
she went to San Diego and  toured for two
years with the choral performance group “All
American Singers”  

When Hughes returned to Ohio, she worked
with Donna Magavero as a backup singer.  
She gives Magavero credit for being a “truly
inspirational” and “ amazing woman.” Hughes
also sang with a band called Bad Johnny for
about seven years.  

Then came her opportunity to join Lanese’s
band. "Well for about the past 12 years or so
at least,
əkoostik Hookah has been the
Amy Hughes of Screamin' Peach.
Photo by Missie Tong
soundtrack to my life and a huge influence to me musically," she said. "I was asked to
sing for New Years Eve at Newport in 2008 with əkoostik Hookah and after that show
Eric asked me to [join] Screamin' Peach.”

Screamin' Peach primarily performs cover songs. “We try to pick songs that people
know, but totally forgot about," Hughes said. "We try to find early rock styling, but songs  
from artists that may not have been their number one hit, but you may have heard it on
the b-side of the album! We like to go for the older eclectic songs."  

Lanese agrees, “We have always leaned more towards playing covers that are more
obscure. Songs that may be by a recognized artist, but not the ones that got tons of
airplay. We do songs by Ozark Mtn. Daredevils, Eric Clapton, Badfinger, Elvin Bishop
and many others. Everyone has had an even hand in bringing in something they want to
play that they feel is a good fit for this band. We have a lot of fun playing together.”

Hughes said, “We actually do sneak one or two originals into the night. Sean Jenkins
has one or two originals that he will sing, as well as Eric Lanese. We would like to put
some more originals into play in the near future.”

You can keep up with Screamin' Peach on the band's Facebook and MySpace pages as
well as the official band Web site; however, you may have to keep checking back to
catch a show.  

“We try to update them as much as possible, but  with two of the members in əkoostik
Hookah and another in One Under, they have pretty full schedules," Hughes said. "So
we try to fit in shows when we can. We’re delighted
when we have the opportunity to play and we try to put the word out there as soon as we
know when.”

Lanese and Sarge really do keep occupied with əkoostik Hookah. Check the band's
Web site,, to get details on upcoming shows in Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan
and Tennessee. əkoostik Hookah will also perform October 16 at Newport Music Hall in

Jenkins will be playing with Billy Two Shoes on October 8 at Fat's Bar and Billiards in
Columbus. That band's MySpace page has more dates:

Reeb can be found Sunday nights at Nona’s in Granville where he runs an open mic.
You can also see him with One Under on October 23 at C.J. O'Malleys in Pataskala. For
more shows check out the band's Web site: To top all that off Reeb said,  
“I have another project in the works called The Tanbeer Band.”

These guys are busy!  So be on the look out for Screamin' Peach and if you get the
opportunity to check them out make sure you do.        
Out Of The Blue