Segregation: Hindering True Equality
(The Personal Research and Opinions of Harry K. Flanagan)

Segregation: To separate or set apart from others or from the main body or group; isolate: to segregate exceptional children; to segregate hardened criminals.
Feminist: Advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.
(Above information is derived from Dictionary.com)

Thus in conclusion, feminist is segregation in order to reach their common goal. Once the goal is achieved then the segregation can be ended. 1878 the first proposal for an amendment that allowed women to vote was introduced but not ratified, thereafter many of years in 1920 it became ratified and amended. Ever since that day women have earned the right to vote and change history. Their goal was to achieve equal rights after such a strong victory. “In 1992, women earned more bachelor's degrees than men, whereas in 1977, the reverse was true” (Madeleine Kunin, Deputy Secretary U.S. Department of Education, Inaugural lecture of the Lois E. Toko lecture series, March 6, 1996). Since that time women have earned the respect in the workplace alongside of men. After other incidents that led to men sexually harassing women in the workplace the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was issued. Women have come a long way and achieved their goal for equal rights undoubtedly here in the United States.
My question is this, why do you need feminist groups or racial groups, within the United States, segregating after their cause have been achieved? My answer is simple; the ongoing, so called, cause wasn’t for equality for those still segregating after achieving their goals but for superiority. For those who distort the original cause to their own benefit in order to be above and hold guilt on those who they had proven their point to; for a power of self-enjoyment and beneficiary. Why do organizations, that still after nationally achieving the agenda of that set group, continue after already achieving its set goal or goals? It isn’t making a great example of equality what so ever. As for gender dynamics, well, there are plenty of women who are not feminist who can help women that are afraid of men. If a person believes in equal rights then why set yourself apart as an advocate or group? Why can’t you do it as an equal to achieve a common goal? How is it not contradicting to say that you believe in equal rights but label yourself as in a set group segregating away as an equal?
Now, I can understand feminist groups outside of America but within is only proving of segregation of superiority. You do not need racial groups or a gender group in America, that is why there are sexual harassment and general harassment policies everywhere, is it not; or to have racial profiling laws out there as well? Also you must understand the consequences for every action. There are consequences for sexiest and non-sexiest choices. There are consequences for causes and not to have a cause at all; but different choices have heavier consequences and it is those consequences we need to consider more so. By having women work, most jobs took 20 dollar an hour jobs and split them into two 10 dollar an hour jobs. That was a consequence for women’s rights. Not saying that I disagree with women’s right but merely pointing out that even good causes have bad consequences.
Before anyone assumes I am a sexiest, racist, or anything else, I agree with equal rights for women, race, or sexual orientation. I live my life and they live theirs is a respectable way to look at it, is it not? I do not dislike all women just those who distort their views to manipulate a once good cause; same toward the other groups such as race and sexual orientation. Anyone who manipulates the original intent of a group is not only disrespectful, inconsiderate, selfish, but also is defeating the goal it achieved. The people who these groups proved their point to and worked so hard to achieve equality, is truly destroying the repetition of that particular group as a whole; and it isn’t fair to the good people of that group who really wanted equality.
My point is this; America is becoming a Nation of beneficiary groups and not a Nation as a whole (equals). We shouldn’t be groups; America should be the group as in singular and not plural.
Now in reason see the list below and keep an open mind. (Mind you this is to open minds not make accusations)
Some racial groups:
(The list keeps going)

Which of the following do you hear most in America? Which ones stood out the most? Of course we have other terms such as white and black but these can be taken as inappropriate. Which one is more so inappropriate and why? Out of the two which of white and black is the ethnicity referred more so as inappropriate? Why are they both not equally inappropriate? African-American or Irish-American, German-American, British… the list keeps going. Anyhow, just curiosity but why is African-American used more so than any other racial group in America? Is it out of equality? Because all these groups should be respected the same? Why is it that it is more so alright for BET (Black Entertainment Television) than a WET (White Entertainment Television)? Instantly some people think WET is racist? Why? How does it differ from BET? Is it truly equality? Why it is that African-American (black) can use the word Nigger (derived from Negro which means black and used to insult their race from early America) along with cracker in an open society more so than a Caucasians? When Caucasian individuals use those specific words, it is of guilt and worry that someone may hear them; this shows not equality but severe amounts of guilt from the supposable contradicting group of so called equality. Race, Sexual, gender, groups are segregating, point blank and is not equal. Is it possible to be separated from the whole and consider yourself equal? No, because how is being in a group supporting equality away from the other supposable equals at all equal? It’s not.
Whenever someone of a Caucasian background says anything remotely on terms of a racial topic they are assumed racist? Assuming someone who is white is a racist just because they’re discussing a race topic, considering them to be racist is also racist; because if any other race brought up a race topic it wouldn’t even be thought of as racist compared to someone who is Caucasian? People assuming a white male or female to be a racist just for discussing a race topic, without just cause, is also racist; plain and simple.
So when does the segregation stop and the equality truly begin? When will groups stop using the guilt of others as an over powering tool to their control?

Can you see the reasoning in this point of view with an open mind; without assuming but taking into consideration?

Thus, in conclusion segregation is only needed when a real cause must be achieved. After the goal is merited then the segregation, such as walls, can be knocked down so that all can be unified.

P.S.- I am sure that I could have went into more detail but just wanted to make the most valued of points.

By: Harry K. Flanagan

Reference list:(Times visited sites 1/23/2012)

I would like to thank Neil Shumate for allowing me to share my opinions and personal research. I would also like to give credit to all the refrence sites that I vistied and researched for having credible information for my argument. I also would like to add that in no way shape or form was this post intended to attack, fret, or hold prejudice against any particular group or persons; this is simply a debate expressing my compassion for true equality and how I believe groups hinder the growth there of.
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