Nice Guys Suffer Abandonement
: Bad Boys Murder Mr. Right

I am nice, that's the problem; I am uninteresting. The reason women date bad boys and guys who are jerks is plainly simple, as I will explain.

Women like the interest that bad boys bring. Women like the mystery of what a bad boy or jerk offer's. A nice guy, women know that they will be treated fairly and they know what to expect from the intentions of a nice guy; which are to be pure and understanding. There is no interest in that, nothing exciting or holding women’s attention. Women tend to, generally, find nice guys boring; this is due to their naive understanding and to the lack of experience of the world, that their minds simply ache for entertainment at such ages of fifteen through thirty-five. This is basic psychology. According to a study done by UBC (University of British Columbia) women are more attracted to men who show shame or show brutality, typically bad boys; men are more attracted to women who smile, typically good women (CTV, 2012). As I said, women are mostly attracted to mystery as I backed up with credible research. This explains why women try to fix relationships that aren’t obviously working. They put up with things that typically go against their standards for that negative and mysterious attention. Women tend to settle when their older and do not put up with the childish notions of cat and mouse. Men tend to settle more willingly according to a recent survey study done on Match.com. E. Gray from the Huffingtonpost states, “Once men do fall in love, they're actually willing to make big, life-changing decisions -- like moving in with a partner -- more quickly than women are. In fact, 46 percent of men said that they'd move in with someone after less than a year, compared to only 26 percent of women,” (Gray, 2012). Toni Coleman said it best when she stated the definition of a bad boy and she states, “Bad boys are the type who are unreliable, does not show up for a date or is late, and typically always forgetting their wallets and borrowing money from their date,” (Coleman, 2005). To further back this up, I will state the definition of bad boy from the Merriam Webster Dictionary, which states, “a person who flouts convention.” Flout means to have disregard. So I have to wait until I am around my forties most likely or so before I find a woman who is sick of the games. This is key fact...

If I want a woman now, I will have to give in and become a jerk; even if it means to go against my morals; to smile less and be more of an egotistical brute. However, I will not do that. Even most women in their twenties refuse to admit that they still do this, but their choices in “boys” and their actions say otherwise. So they can deny what I am saying has any bearing in their actions, but let the actions speak for themselves… I say.

Title: Nice Guys Suffer Abandonement: Bad Boys Murder Mr. Right
By: Harry K. Flanagan

Thank you to Neil Shumate from OOTB; and thank you to family, friends, and classical music.

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