Evolved is wedged between a bank and a bakery.  
Take note because if you’ve never visited, picking it out
of a line up is a tad difficult. The shop swung open its
doors in 2000. Nick Wolak—shop owner and piercer—
and Lars Johansson—Tattoo artist—met while the
former worked out of a shop in Acapulco, Mexico and
the latter owned Viking Tattoo in Columbus, Ohio. Lars
filled a guest spot for the shop in Mexico and soon after
that the workings of Evolved began.
Once you open the door to the brick building that
houses Evolved you’ll clamber on up to the second
floor and take the first door to the right. The foyer is
riddled with business cards, band and concert posters,
and flyers of all sorts. Open the door to the shop
proper—and prepare to step down—and you’re
embraced by a well-lit and spacious waiting area.
Slung on the walls were convention posters—neatly
framed—artwork, a very small selection of flash, and
the showcase displaying the shop’s worldly travels,
which includes jewelry from around the world. Lined up
are glass cases withholding a trove of jewelry from
precious metals to horn. They have any and every
thing you could be looking for.
For The Fans, By The Fans.  Look Beyond The Mainstream.
Getting to know: EVOLVED
Written & Photos By BRITTNEY GRAHAM
Out Of The Blue
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The back of the shop contained the piercing room, sections slotted for tattooing, their backyard balcony, and what they dubbed the “dirty room,” where
the autoclave is located and all the sterilization takes place.

Until recently the shop divided itself into two locations. The second location was solely for tattooing. When their second location was slotted for
demolition by the building owners, they vied for the third floor of their current location and snagged it. The third floor contains large rooms fully
equipped for tattooing. Everyone is relatively happy that they're finally under the same roof.

During my visit I spoke with Lars on shop policies, which include certifications in First Aide, CPR, Blood Pathogens and Principle of Infection Control.
They have a section of wall blocked off proudly displaying just such certifications. He also stated that the shop prides itself on cleanliness and
diversity. His mentor was a surgeon and the shop is firmly rooted in safe and clean practices while delivering quality artwork. With such a large
selection of artists and their unique specialties at the client’s disposal, you’re bound to find someone to match whatever design, style, or content you
want. Little flash bedecks the walls because the shop prides itself in custom work specifically designed to fit the individual.

The shop is definitely thorough--with certifications, design, quality, and their apprentices. The shop curriculum could rival that of a university. In order
to simple apply one is required to hand in their resume, biography, a personal statement, and their portfolio. They are also required to research
specific articles and their favorite tattoo artists as well as write several responses. Each apprentice is also required to have the certifications
mentioned above and have their shots.

Perhaps my favorite thing about the shop was their involvement in everything. Each member of the shop contributes something of their interests.   
This leads to the shop being heavily immersed in their community. They host an annual Halloween party called "Trauma" and participate in a multitude
of events. For summer they participated in The Columbus Pride Festival, the Columbus 10k, a hot air balloon festival, the Association of Professional
Piercers conference (APP), Comfest, and the Doo Dah Parade. They also implement an annual outreach to the freshman on OSU campus. They
seek to educate and become a valuable resource for anyone asking questions. If you’re looking for an excellent shot check it out yourself at         
1880 North High Street, or visit their website at