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Autumn Burning
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Written By NEIL SHUMATE  | January 17, 2014
Autumn Burning's full-length debut burns bright with a focused, energetic approach to mass-appealing rock that never
glitches. The ten-track record rides steady on a mainstream rock course, but makes enough stops to bring aboard
some progressive, southern and metal influences. With Joe Viers (Sonic Lounge Studios) behind the wheel, the
album's production is superior with layer balancing that brings equal attention to immense guitar solos, smooth rhythm,
grooving bass riffs, precise drumming and a deep driving vocal range. The subtle, yet memorable lyrics sung with
emotional connectivity revolve around the pain of betrayal and the hunger to persevere. Minor acoustic roles in "Drive,"
"Nowhere Left To Fall" and "Call Me Home" initially seem intrusive, but as the songs play out, the acoustic roles make
sense and are ultimately more than welcome. Some rock albums fall into the trap of being uninteresting, mundane and
repetitive, but Autumn Burning's self-titled LP never goes in that direction--from aggressive opening track "The Chase"
to the stripped down acoustic final track "Yesterday's Gone," listeners will be engaged. With such a dynamic rock
record debut, including an eye catching album design, the five-member northeast Ohio band from Millersburg, Ohio
is making an indelible start to 2014.

Autumn Burning is
•Mike Morehouse (vox)
•Jared Blazer (lead/vox)
•Justin Smith (drums)
•Jeff Welch (bass/vox)
•Ryan McRobie (rhythm)

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