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We are a free independent,
entertainment publication that
was established in Marion, Ohio in
April, 2001. Our last issue was
released in 2003 and since then we
went separate ways. In July, 2006
we picked up the pieces and
revived the magazine for a more
professional look. In Jan. 2009
we transitioned the former
tangible print publication
into an official webzine. Currently in
January, 2011 we are back in print
with tangible and digital formats.
Underground DIY since 2001!
Our goal is to expand the minds of
the willing to undertake a different
view of the entertainment industry
with an emphasis on sub-cultures
and counter-cultures.
An underground, independent,
non-mainstream excursion of
words and visions.
A coalition of local music
and arts in every genre.
EST. 2001 :  Print from April 2001 through July 2008 : Online from January 2009 through current
Previous Contributors
For The Fans, By The Fans.  Look Beyond The Mainstream.
OOTB Masthead
Neil Shumate
Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Webmaster
Ryan Jacquot
Contributing Photographer
Missie Tong
Senior Contributing Photographer
Out Of The Blue began as an idea at an Orgy concert in 2001.  One of my previous high school newspaper staff
members, Tiffany Cook, took a survey of the crowd to see which band people came to see (Alien Ant Farm,
Spineshank, or Orgy).  We then tried to figure out what the hell we would do with the interview data.  

With background and interest preserved from experiences with the
Harding Herald at Marion Harding High School
in Marion, Ohio and education from the newspaper’s advisor Ms. Angela Parks, we decided we should put it in print
as some sort of publication.  

Sitting down awaiting headliners Orgy to take stage at Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio we questioned what
the publication would be called.  I said, “We’ll probably just think of something out of the blue.”  And that was it!  
Out Of The Blue came to be.  We put our high school journalism workshops, experience and knowledge to the test—
and it seemed to work.  

Originally printed as a newsletter with a fanzine attitude to explore the local music scene and converge it with our
own concert reviews, the magazine received rave credibility in the Central Ohio area.  We went strong for over two
years, but things fell apart after our final 2003 issue release; we were young and overall financial support was
lacking.  What could we say, we were living in an apartment together working minimum wage jobs putting our heart
and soul into the publication—we funded the publication completely on our own.  This no price tag element still
remains a part of
Out Of The Blue.  

Then, out of the blue in July, 2006, I decided to fire up the computer and get the presses rolling with a more mature
perspective and a more general broad take on the indie entertainment industry as a whole.  Keeping the original DIY
elements of
Out Of The Blue preserved with a dedicated staff has opened the door to opportunities with large
support and love.

We are now in the next phase of this journey--going global on the web by transfering a former tangible print
publication into an online webzine.   

--Written By Neil Shumate
Mission Statement
What can be recorded that can’t be found on TV or in any popular publication? What makes something stand out when placed next to a colorful, well-produced professional approach? These questions have been addressed in Out Of The Blue (OOTB). This is a non-traditional, anti-mainstream, DIY webzine in every sense—from content to format. The entertainment industry as a whole is based on profit making; in this aspect, we offer Out Of The Blue to the fans of indie entertainment and more, for free.

--Talented artists exist beyond the realm of mainstream money-making contracted record labels. In particular, the focus is placed on the local music biz. In many cases, local solo artists and surrounding bands kick more ass than national acts. This webzine welcomes deserved exposure to talented acts that exist in our own hometowns. More specifically, Out Of The Blue profiles four or more local bands per setting and allow fans to vote in a “Battle For The Cover” contest. We also spotlight local artists by providing local band album reviews. Genre coverage is unlimited.

--Out Of The Blue covers national events in the form of concert reviews, album reviews, and exclusive interviews. This approach allows local bands to be spotlighted in the same realm as national bands, with equally deserving coverage.

--OOTB’s “Independent Arts” offers writers (poetry, short stories), drawers, painters, graphic designers, and photographers a chance to be seen, for free. The talents mail or e-mail us their original DIY work and it is reviewed for publishing consideration. We also spotlight area non-traditional artists /designers, authors, and independent film producers / directors. The “Alternative Sports" section was created in the same respect.

--Sports are generally stale, repetitive and traditional. The definition of what a sporting event truly is has become blurred—sharing what rests in that blur opens more options. The gaps have been found and we hope to show our reading audience the wide array of non-traditional sporting events such as motocross, paintball, frisbee, skateboarding, snowboarding, backyard wrestling, ghost hunting, in-line skating and suspension among other innovative sporting event creations.

--In developing stages are various "Features and Profiles." We are creating independent business profile features, indie film director profiles, video game reviews, book reviews, local venue profiles and independent recording studio features as well as an exploration of alternative religions. After all, it is the small business that paved the way for big time corporations, and it’s the small venues that are the first to house acts that later become national.

We aim to expand minds of the willing to explore a different view of the entertainment industry with an emphasis on sub-cultures and counter-cultures. We support individuality, genre diversity and freedom of voice in the entertainment industry. Stereotypes and labels are eliminated.

In summary. We are constantly being force-fed by primary media outlets to “buy this,” “watch this,” or “read this,” either directly or subconsciously. Out Of The Blue is a free outlet for the public to open their eyes and experience what the indie entertainment industry has to offer in all forms: from live concerts to albums, movies, musicianship, sports, and the arts. Incorporating all these aspects—with gifted generous writers, photographers and citizen journalists—creates a unique publication.

It would be cathartic to witness similar publications develop nationwide; created “for the fans, by the fans” with an intention to “look beyond the mainstream.” It’s time to give recognition to the unrecognized.

Without the staff, area independent businesses, area promoters, local bands, assistance from the national artist level, feedback, support, encouragement, and the number of willing contributions, Out Of The Blue would not exist. Much thanks and appreciation to everyone involved and beyond.

This statement is protected by copyright laws
as is the publication and its contents.




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