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25. Shook Like Dead Men "The Man Upstairs" (Portsmouth, Ohio)  8.5 / 20
24. Old Hundred "Good Timin' Man" (Columbus, Ohio) 9 / 20
23. Lackluster "Leave It On The Floor" (Columbus, Ohio) 9.75 / 20
22. Copywrite "Workahol" (Columbus, Ohio) 10.5 / 20
21. Montana Gang "No Cuffin'" (Cincinnati, Ohio) 11 / 20
Judges: Harry Flanagan, Jared Perkins, Connor Mullen, Nick Wilkinson
Videos were submitted by fans, musicians and bands.
Each video was scored individually on a scale of 1 to 5. The scores from
each judge were combined for a maximum of 20 points per video. In the
event of a tie, an anonymous judge was appointed to decide final
number placement. A sincere thanks to the judges and to the fans and
bands that submitted a video for our 4th Annual Music Video Countdown!